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Ford Truck News For Saskatchewan
A blue 2024 Ford Maverick Lariat Hybrid parked on a road, with trees and a city in the background.Efficiency and power now combine.

The 2024 Ford Maverick Lariat connects drivers to the best of all worlds - pairing its compact styling with an available 2.5L Hybrid engine. This suite promises exceptional performance, effortlessly accommodating payload demands in Saskatchewan. Get ready to Go Further.

2024 Ford Maverick Lariat: Hybrid Specs

Offered on the new Maverick is a 2.5L FHEV engine. This block - which is forged from aluminum to afford a decrease in weight and an increase in heat conductivity - is tailored to impress. It boasts powder-forged connecting rods, a steel crankshaft, and a DOHC valvetrain to optimize each rev; and its complementary permanent magnet electric traction battery enhances performance.

The combination of an Atkinson-cycle motor with a 94-kw battery system promises to thrill - generating up to 191 HP and 155 lb.-ft of torque. A 907-kg payload rating further impresses, ensuring that drivers experience no compromise in power. The 2024 Ford Maverick Lariat proves the ultimate hybrid option for Saskatchewan.

Test-Drive The New Ford Maverick In Lloydminster, SK

Curious about the 2024 Maverick Lariat and its hybrid capabilities? Visit Novlan Bros today for additional information - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive with our team at your earliest convenience.