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new ROUSH cars trucks for sale alberta canada

Full-throttle power has come to Alberta - with Novlan Bros. serving as the premier ROUSH provider in Paradise Hill, Lloydminster, and beyond. Since 2008 we’ve enabled drivers to achieve maximum performance, delivering access to Mustang, F-150, Raptor, and Super Duty platforms. Let us upgrade your highway experience today.

new ROUSH vehicles for sale alberta canada


ROUSH has anchored the racing community since 1995 - when founder (and namesake) Jack Roush sought to push the boundaries of speed, utilizing his experience as both an engineer and a motorsports champion to deliver class-shattering capability. He launched his performance line, transforming Ford vehicles into pure track beasts.

new used ROUSH vehicles for sale alberta canada
ROUSH Vehicle Information

Unsure which ROUSH ride is right for you? Let us help! Novlan Bros. showcases the entire 2019 fleet (including the Mustang, F-150, Super Duty, and Raptor), allowing you to choose the perfect performance platform. Request specs; order custom kits; and schedule test-drives at your earliest convenience.

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ROUSH Part Information

Ordinary is an ugly word - so leave it in the dust with every ROUSH installation. Our service team can connect you to all available upgrades (including superchargers, cat-back exhaust systems, and cold air intakes). Visit our dealership today to browse our selection of OEM parts or to request a specific kit. We’ll elevate your ride into a high-performance machine.

new ROUSH car truck for sale alberta canada

ROUSH Articles

Curious about the latest ROUSH news? Novlan Bros. connects drivers to engine upgrades and speed records. Keep pace with each Mustang, F-150, and Super Duty as they rev onto the Alberta streets - and don't hesitate to request additional specs or videos from our team. 

ROUSH cars trucks for sale alberta canada