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Novlan Bros Sales, LTD.

In October 1929, the wall street stock market crashed triggering the Great Depression. Just months before, Frank Novlan, Sr. transformed a single building in Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, into a home and five businesses: a theater, barbershop, Massey Harris dealership British American Oil service station and bulk franchise. Joined by his three sons, he operated the business as Frank Novlan and Sons. 

The Depression years were difficult ones and required creative ways to make equipment affordable. In 1935, Frank Novlan sold 75 binders (a machine for cutting grain and binding it into bundles) for $200 each with no money down and promise for each customer to pay for the machinery from the first grain delivery to the elevator. He didn’t lose a cent: every binder was paid for. 

Frank, Sr. retired in 1949 and his son purchased his shares. Farmers were changing from horses to tractors and adopting new technological practices, like the New Holland automatic self-tie baler that changed forever the way haymaking was done. An agricultural revolution was underway. Through the succeeding decades, five generations of the Novlan family have been ushering in growth and change. Today, Frank, Sr.’s great-grandson, Doug Novlan, heads the family-owned business with locations in Paradise Hill, Lloydminster and North Battleford. They’re located in an area where cattle and cash crops dominate the agricultural landscape. 

In 1968, Novlan Bro’s took on the New Holland line, selling balers, rakes and other haytools. “We were a big Massey dealership, and we sold a lot of combines,” says Doug Novlan, who joined the business in 1975. “In the 1980’s when Massey went out of business, New Holland was starting to sell the TR70 Twin Rotor combines. We were one of the first dealers to sell the TR70s and the conventional TX combines as well.” The Lloydminster area in West-central Saskatchewan has large reserves of crude oil, and in years past, a lot of young people left the family farm to work in the oil business. That’s changing, says Doug. “I’ve seen in the last five years or so that technology has brought the young farmers back onto the farm,” he continues. “The average age of a farmer is about 38 years old. Dad is still involved, but he wants his son to be part of the farming operation and willing to share the profits and work. The young guys love the technology amd they’re very comfortable with it. They’ve found that precision farming is saving them money.” Providing good customer service has always been important to the Novlan family. “You have to have a good team. That really hasn’t changed from the earlier days. To quote my Dad, ‘You only need salesman to sell the first one, parts and service sell the ones after that.’ 
Emphasis on Service

“Today there’s more emphasis on parts and service,” says Doug Novlan. “Our customers can’t wait every hour their combine is down it’s not taking crop off. We’re doing a lot pf pre-service. It used to be the farmer drove the combine, and if it would break down, you’d go fix it. Now you can’t have that machine down because it’s going to cost you too much. An hour of downtime could cost $50,000 in crop that’s not being harvested. Equipment needs to be ready to go when you are so you’re out in the field, you’ll seldom have an issue.” 

Going forward, Doug believes autonomy will be the next big change agent in agriculture. “The challenge for all farmers is how to bring the cost of operation down in their business. Labor is biggest issue for any farmer. At harvest, you need twice as many people than any other time. I think autonomy will be part of the solution, with certain equipment running without a person in it. The thing that’s going to dribe that is 5G. We’re going to be there soon.”

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1929 - Present

best new used car dealership near me saskatchewan canadaIn 1929, Frank Novlan Sr. transformed a single building into a home and five businesses - a theatre, barbershop, Massey Harris Dealership, British American Oil Service Station, and Bulk Franchise. Frank Novlan Sr. was joined by his three sons, Joe, Frank Jr. and George operating the business as Frank Novlan and Sons.

The depression years were difficult for everyone and required creative ways to make equipment affordable. In 1935, Frank Novlan sold 75 binders for $200.00 each with no money down and a promise for each customer to pay for the machinery from the first grain delivery to the elevator. He did not lose one cent; every binder was paid for.

In 1937, a Chrysler dealership was added to the firm. Meanwhile George was invited to join the Massey Harris Company and left to travel the world for the next 21 years in their employ. In 1937, the thriving business needed more space so a new building was constructed next to Novlan Hall. There was further expansion in 1946 when a dealership managed by Joe Novlan was opened in St.Walburg. That year, the dealership changed from Chrysler to Ford Motor Company.

By 1949, Frank Sr. retired and his youngest sons Paul and Clem purchased his shares. Paul assisted Joe in St. Walburg and Clem managed the Paradise Hill dealership.

The current dealership name "Novlan Bros. Sales Ltd." was acquired in 1967 when Paul and Clem purchased Joe and Frank Jr's shares. Five years later Paul retired. New premises were built in St. Walburg in 1975 and in Paradise Hill in 1976. Clem's two son's Doug and Randy joined their father in 1976. That year the New Holland franchise was acquired. The Versatile line was added in 1983, Ford tractors were added in 1987, and the Sterling Heavy Trucks were added in 1991.

Once again the dealership had outgrown its facilities. In 1998, a new 30,000 square foot building was erected at the Junction of Highway 3 and 1st Avenue. This state of the art facility gives Novlan Bros the ability to properly service the Ford automotive, Sterling heavy truck, and New Holland agricultural lines (as well as the many other machinery lines they carry). 

Providing good customer service has always been important to Novlan Bros Sales Ltd. and, in 2003, the dealership was presented with the President Prestige Award from New Holland, rating Novlan Bros as one of the top four dealership in North America. Also Novlan Bros has been recognized as a Blue Oval Certified dealership for outstanding customer satisfaction. 

Doug and Randy Novlan and the staff at Novlan Bros are happy to have had the opportunity to serve the many customers and friends over our history, and we look forward to continue earning trust and building relationships for years to come.