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Crime knows no boundaries - and neither does the 2017 F-150 FX4. This Ford powerhouse has been tailored for every mile, delivering V6 performance across the backroads and byways. It’s unstoppable; it’s undeniable; it’s... soon to aid North America’s police forces.

According to ABC affiliate, WNEP, Ford is delivering F-Series adaptability to officers across the United States and Canada. The 2017 FX4 has been meticulously redesigned for police investigations, with its Baja suspension now intended to protect and serve. This platform will assist in off-road activity (including pursuits, rescues, and retrievals), delivering staggering capability with every rev. A turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine will yield 365 HP, while the sport-tuned chassis will accommodate every terrain.

Through this, the 2017 FX4 can deftly navigate the toughest roads - providing smooth 10-speed accelerations and EcoBoost precision. It will easily maintain its top-speed of 100 MPH throughout every chase, and this makes it an ideal companion for police.

No official release date has been offered for the new FX4 - but critics anticipate that it will soon appear in a limited-release capacity in the United States. After this initial launch, the truck should then be offered to all major cities in North America.

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new 2017ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaWithin the Ford headquarters is a long corridor - flanked by glass-bottom cases, each stuffed with trophies. Throughout the decades, the brand has secured thousands of accolades.... and, with the release of the 2017 F-150, they’re about to earn one more.

According to the New York Daily News, the 2017 F-150 ranks as the 'Year’s Best Truck'. With its military-grade aluminum body and stout frame, this platform proves adept with every mile - yielding up to 12,200-pounds of towing, up to 2,329-pounds of payload capacity, and a best-in-class cargo box volume of 77.4 cu.-ft. This allows drivers to haul even the toughest of loads.

In need of custom power? The 2017 F-150 boasts three distinct engine options - a 2.7L V6 (325 HP), a 3.5L V6 (375 HP), and a 5.0L V8 (385 HP). Each accommodates mid-duty and heavy-duty demands with ease. Pair this with a new 10-speed automatic transmission for crisp responses on every highway.

Ford has forever dominated the pick-up market - and the 2017 F-150 continues a tradition of premium power. We’re not surprised that this truck has blitzed past the competition and snagged the year’s top prize.

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new ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaThe results are in. Throughout the year, drivers have waited in anxious anticipation - wondering if the 2017 F-150 would provide much-needed efficiency. Ever-rising fuel prices and ever-hectic miles created a need for enhanced performance, and pick-up fans demanded more from their platforms than mere power.

Those demands have finally been met.

According to Road Show, the 2017 F-150 delivers impressive mileage - with its 3.5L turbocharged V6 engine yielding 18 MPGs in the city, 25 MPGs on the highway, and 21 MPGs combined. These numbers prove ideal for today’s budget-conscious market, allowing drivers to experience more precise heavy-duty hauling.

They also allow the 2017 F-150 to pull ahead of the pack. Ford’s signature pick-up now boasts best-in-class economy, pushing past leading competitors (the Chevrolet Silverado and the Dodge Ram). It generates superior performance, blending auto start-stop technology with a new 10-speed automatic transmission to maximize every drop of fuel.

Don’t assume, however, that Ford has forsaken its trademark power. The 2017 F-150 promises 375 HP and 470 lb.-ft of torque, pairing efficiency with staggering capability.

The Novlan team is certainly impressed - and we know our customers will appreciate this fusion of strength, speed, and MPG ease. To learn more about the 2017 F-150 contact us today.

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaIt’s a massive cup - wide-bottomed and large-rimmed, filled to the brim with precious caffeine. The day will prove long and you won’t survive without a dose of sugar-sweet energy. This drink will sustain you through meetings and miles alike.

As you lean down to place it in the cup holder, however, an unfortunate truth suddenly emerges: the drink is too big for your truck’s tiny console. It simply won’t fit. You’re then faced with a long journey of one-handed driving and frustrated tears.

Ford believes this to be unacceptable. This is why it recently sought to redefine consumer convenience, creating a cup holder that could adapt to every need.

Auto Evolution reports that the 2017 F-150 will boast a new front-cabin configuration, with an innovative transformable cup holder. This option - which shifts from two to ten individual slots, depending on specific beverage requirements - delivers ease. The wide spaces, combined with customizable panels, ensure everyday value. They can effortlessly accommodate multiple 24 fl.-oz drinks to keep drivers hydrated and happy.

With the release of the 2017 F-150, Ford is promising a new wave of power and performance - and, with the addition of this customizable cup holder, it’s also offering convenience.

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ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaIn the distance comes a rumble - the slap of hooves against the road, the deep growl of a beastly platform. The 2017 F-150 is coming and it’s bringing enhanced horsepower with it.

According to Torque News, the 2017 F-150 will connect drivers to peerless power - with its new 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine delivering 375 HP and 470 lb.-ft of torque. These numbers cast a massive shadow over the market, promising best-in-class performance for the United States and Canada. No other half-ton model generates the same full-throttle strength.

Complementing that strength will be a dynamic 10-speed automatic transmission (the first of its kind in North America). This feature will allow for quick shifting, ensuring smooth rides on every terrain. Ford has partnered with General Motors to launch this technology - and the partnership should prove fruitful once the F-150 arrives, offering drivers improved performance and economy.

The 2017 F-150 will provide North Americans with the precision they crave, adapting to every demand with ease. Through its bolstered engine and superior transmission, it will push past the competition.

The Novlan team can’t wait to test it out!

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2017 ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaAcross North America drivers and dealers alike hold their collective breaths - waiting anxiously for the 2017 F-150 to arrive. They crave best-in-class power, with the latest F-Series model boasting a 3.5L V6 and an economy-boosting aluminum construction. This truck promises enhanced speed, strength, and efficiency.

It also promises a new interior design.

According to Torque News, the 2017 F-150 will feature an updated speed cluster gauge. This gauge will highlight the truck’s 10-speed automatic transmission - the first of its kind for the F-Series. Developed in partnership with General Motors, the 10-speed platform will deliver precise performance, allowing for seamless terrain navigation. By eliminating cast iron components - which generate excess weight, interfering with both the engine and the drivetrain - the aluminum system will shift with greater efficiency.

This, the Novlan team knows, will prove crucial for North American consumers - allowing them to adapt to work and play with ease. The 2017 F-150 is engineered for everyday performance; and, with the arrival of the new speed gauge cluster, it’s ready for any demand.

No official release date has been given for the 2017 F-150. Critics anticipate that the announcement will arrive soon, however, and the truck should shortly roll into dealerships.

To learn more about the 2017 F-150 contact us today.

ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaIn the not-so-quiet corners of the automotive world drivers now gather - eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2017 F-150, clamoring for the latest powertrain innovations from Ford. The Novlan team knows that pick-up devotees won’t be disappointed.... because a new transmission is on the way.

According to Gas2, the 2017 F-150 will feature a 10-speed automatic transmission. This upgrade - which was completed in partnership with General Motors - will allow the truck to achieve enhanced results, utilizing a more responsive gear range to promote seamless accelerations. Drivers will no longer have to fear the dreaded flat-spots. Instead every mile will provide smooth, steady transitions (even when towing more than 12,000 pounds of cargo).Â

To further promote efficiency, this transmission will feature composite alloys and aluminums - materials that will reduce overall powertrain weights and help to bolster results from the EcoBoost engine (pictured to the right). No official milage rates have been released, but critics are anticipating best-in-class results.

The 10-speed automatic transmission will be the first of its class for the pick-up market. Novlan knows it will surely propel the 2017 F-150 toward sales domination - and we can’t wait to see this truck in action on our lot.

To learn more about the 2017 F-150 (as well as other F-Series models) contact us today.

ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaIn 2009 Ford introduced drivers to its EcoBoost engine, delivering a less-is-more philosophy to a market saturated by bigger-is-better vehicles. It emphasized the need for economy and efficiency - and it fused its automotive line with precise power, showcasing that a tiny platform could still generate impressive results.

Those results will soon become far more impressive - because Ford is bringing the EcoBoost to its 2017 F-150 and with it comes greater torque.

According to GizMag, Ford is providing its F-150 with an EcoBoost upgrade. The twin-turbo 3.5L engine will now offer an additional 30 lb.-ft of torque to ensure best-in-class performance (450 lb.-ft). This will allow drivers to work hard and play harder, with the 2017 variant adapting to every terrain with ease.

This, the Novlan team knows, will surely silence recent criticisms of the F-150 (the use of aluminum panels and the introduction of the EcoBoost were originally met with uncertainty). By enhancing the pick-up’s capabilities, Ford will surely maintain its consumer base - and perhaps even expand it.

We look forward to seeing the 2017 F-150 in action!

To learn more about this and other F-Series options contact us today.

ford f150 saskatchewan canadaWhat’s that sound? Could it be the roar of a 600 HP Coyote engine? Is it the slap of Mickey Thompson Baja tires against the pavement?


According to AutoBlog, Ford and ROUSH Racing have recently partnered - transforming the 2016 F-150 into a true aluminum beast. The pick-up now boasts a 5.0L V6 engine and R23000 Eaton TVS supercharger, allowing it to achieve 600 HP and 557 lb.-ft of torque. These numbers prove staggering, nearly doubling the model’s current performance capabilities.

To further enhance the platform, ROUSH also fused the F-150 with a sport-tuned Fox suspension system. This will allow it to push through every environment, ensuring all-terrain adaptability. It's now perfect for work or play.

With the release of the 2016 F-150 Ford connected drivers to best-in-class towing (10,400 pounds) and surprising efficiency (26 miles-per-gallon on the highway). Through its alliance with ROUSH, however, the brand is now delivering unprecedented performance - and we can’t wait to slip behind the wheel!

To learn more about the 2016 F-150 contact us today.

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaWith the release of the 2016 F-150 Ford has gained much acclaim - impressing critics and drivers alike with best-in-class power (385 HP and 387 lb.-ft of torque) and exceptional payload capacities (8,500-pounds). It’s a premier pick-up, delivering enhanced performance with every mile.

It also delivers safety. According to KFOR, the 2016 F-150 has just earned recognition from the Institute for Highway Safety - achieving the coveted Top Pick award!

After facing a series of trials (including frontal collisions, side impact collisions, and rollovers), the 2016 F-150 emerged as the year’s best pick-up. It received the Institute’s highest rating - four stars - and was noted for its superior crash responses. These responses proved considerably more favorable than those generated by Ford’s competitors, such as the Toyota Tundra or Chevrolet Silverado. These models were only noted as “acceptable”.

The 2016 F-150 offers exceptional safety, connecting drivers to: AdvanceTrac stability, SafetyCanopy airbags, Curve Control technology, Cross-Traffic alerts, and BLIS monitoring. This ensures superior responses on the road and helps to mitigate collisions, crashes, and more.

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