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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
ford f150 dealer saskatchewanPower, performance, precision - these are the words offered by critics and drivers alike when describing the F-150. Ford’s signature truck is lauded for its exceptional towing and all-terrain adaptability. It’s become North America’s definitive pick-up.

The 2016 model, however, will soon become the smartest pick-up.

According to Drive Arabia, Ford has declared the 2016 F-150 to be its smartest - and most advanced - option ever. It’s been carefully engineered, with the brand fusing every inch with innovative mechanics. What began as an experiment in aluminum construction (replacing steel materials with lighter, more fuel-efficient panels) has become a full-cab overhaul. The truck offers a suite of tech options, ones previously only provided on luxury sedans:

8-Inch Productivity Screen.
360-Degree Camera System.
Active Park Assist.
LED Headlamps.
LED Sideview Mirror Spotlights.
Inflatable Rear Safety Belts.
Automatic Stop-Start.
... and more!

Ford is the first pick-up provider to offer these features - and its 2016 F-150 has revved toward new tech territory, earning recent recognition as the Best Overall Truck Brand.

We’re not surprised.

To learn more about the 2016 F-150 (along with other F-Series options) contact us today.
2015 ford f150 dealer saskatchewanFor more than three decades, the Ford F-Series has dominated the North American market. This line-up of pick-up performers has generated extraordinary sales, effortlessly revving past the competition. It will soon do this again - thanks to the efforts of the 2015 F-150.

According to the New York Daily News, the 2015 F-150 is the top-selling truck of the year. Despite a shaky start - with drivers initially questioning the value of aluminum construction and production lines unable to meet mid-quarter demands - this pick-up has roared to front of the chrome-colored pack, with sales nearing the 700,000 mark! This is staggering, especially when compared to its nearest competitors (the Silverado, with approximately 537,000 units; the Ram, with approximately, 407,000 units). Ford reigns supreme.

The Novlan team isn’t surprised. We’ve long since celebrated the 2015 F-150, noting its enhanced performance and best-in-class results (including 12,200 lbs. of towing and 3,300 pounds of payload). This full-size option delivers impressive power.

It’s no wonder that it’s helped to lead the pick-up market to a record-breaking year. The New York Daily News also noted that sales should surpass 2.2 million - making this the best segment since 2007.

That's quite the achievement... and it's one only Ford could earn.

To learn more about the 2015 F-150 (as well as other F-Series options) contact us today!
ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaAtop Mount Ford sits the F-150 - the only pick-up able to scale treacherous sales curves, dominate rocky marketing campaigns, and ascend consumer verticals. This truck has reigned supreme among the North American market for more than 30 years. It’s created a high standard in performance.

It’s about to create an equally high standard in hybrid technology.

According to AutoBlog, Ford will soon launch a hybrid F-150. The company - which recently announced plans to invest $4.5 billion in electric and plug-in platforms throughout the next five years - intends to introduce its beloved pick-up to a new audience. It will combine EcoBoost precision with a rear-wheel drivetrain, delivering improved economy and undeniable results.

A hybrid design isn’t the only change coming to the F-150. AutoBlog also noted recent testings of a turbo-diesel model, with Ford utilizing the power of a Lion V6 to increase overall efficiency and speed. This engine, when combined with the model's new aluminum framing, should generate 245 HP, 443 lb.-ft of torque, and more than 30 MPG.

We’re excited - aren’t you?

Ford is redefining its signature pick-up. With the use of hybrid and diesel technology, the F-150 will become a more effective option for all drivers.

To learn more about the F-150 - as well as other F-Series options - contact us today!
ford f150 dealer saskatchewanHaunted houses, abandoned lots, spooky patches of woods: these once were the sites of horror stories. Now they're being replaced. As you stand at the fuel pump - watching the numbers steadily rise - you realize that the gas-station serves as the great nightmare-scene. These prices are truly frightening.

Ford agrees. This is why it’s bringing diesel power to the 2017 F-150.

According to, Ford will soon premier a TurboDiesel F-150. This model - which is predicted to arrive in late 2016 - will deliver greater economy. By combining a 10-speed automatic transmission with 3.0L Lion engine, it will utilize every drop of fuel to its fullest advantage. This will ensure fewer stops at the pump... and less money wasted.

What could be better?

Want to see the 2017 F-150 TurboDiesel in action? Check out these exclusive spy shots, as provided by AutoBlog. Though they (sadly) don’t offer any interior views, they do showcase the truck’s rugged lines and extended wheelbase. It looks like Ford is bringing another V6 beast to North America.

We can’t wait!

To learn more about the 2017 F-150 TurboDiesel - as well as other F-Series models - contact us today.

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaWith the release of the 2015 F-150, Ford has redefined the automotive world - introducing critics and consumers alike to aluminum construction, EcoBoost performance, and enhanced payload capabilities. The pick-up has become a powerhouse on the charts, generating strong acclaim across North America.

It’s also piqued the interest of sport-tuners, with companies gleefully taking apart the engine and fusing it with new technologies. SuperChips is one such company.

According to Torque News, Ford and SuperChips will soon partner for a 2015 F-150 mod. A series of tuning packages will be developed, each emphasizing increased HP and heightened torque ratios. When added to the current stock numbers, the truck will eventually offer:

Naturally Aspirated 3.5L V6: 298 HP, 280 lb.-ft of torque
Naturally Aspirated 5.0L V8: 398 HP, 402 lb.-ft of torque
Turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost: 408 HP, 493 lb.-ft of torque

These specs reveal an incredible performance, with the 2015 F-150 revving up to best-in-class speeds. Combine that with SuperChips’ Flashpaq tools (which enhance overall towing, hauling, and shifting) for a smooth ride on even the roughest roads. This is the ultimate pick-up mod.

We can’t wait to see it on the road!

To learn more about the 2015 F-150 - as well as other F-Series options - contact us today. 

Ford F-150 Named ‘Green Truck Of The Year’

(Posted on Nov 27, 2015 at 12:43PM by Lee Byard)
2015 ford f150 for saleThe pick-up market rarely inspires thoughts of efficiency. These big-chassised beasts deliver power, not eco-friendly technology. They consume fuel to adapt to every environment and every pay-load.

Ford - in its quest to redefine automotives - has changed this. The 2015 F-150 was just named Green Truck of the Year!

According to USAToday, Ford’s 2015 F-150 earned recognition at the San Antonio Auto Show. The pick-up (along with the Chevrolet Volt, which was named Green Car of the Year) was noted for its economical construction and fuel-prep package, which allows it to use both natural gas and propane. This ensures fewer carbon emissions and a more efficient allocation of resources. Less gasoline is needed to take advantage of best-in-class towing.

The 2015 F-150 has inspired much acclaim. and this latest award merely continues the F-Series' tradition of innovation. High performance now combines with hybrid capabilities.

To learn more about the San Antonio Auto Show click here.

To learn more about the 2015 F-150 (as well as other Ford models) contact us today!
ford f150 sema 2015On November 6th, SEMA 2015 came to an end - forcing more than 100,000 manufacturers, engineers, and product developers to trudge out of the Las Vegas Convention Center and return to the real world. Though leaving behind the dizzying array of custom cars and next-gen innovations proved sad, there was at least one happy thought to sustain these spectators: the Ford F-Series had won Hottest Truck.

On SEMA’s opening day, critics crowned the 2016 F-Series the Hottest Truck. According to the Du Pont Registry, this victory was well-deserved, with the pick-up delivering exceptional power, performance, and styling. Seven modified F-150s debuted at the 2015 show  - including the MRT 6-SIX, the Leer Edition Outdoorsman, the ROUSH, the CGS Performance, the AirDesign USA, the Forgiate, and the Gulf Livery Galpin Auto Sport - and each helped to secure a victory for Ford.

The Novlan team isn’t surprised. Each of these options promises incredible backroad results and we hope to see them roll off the production lines (and onto our lot) soon.

To learn more about Ford’s F-Series collection - as well as its other award-winning models, including the 2016 Mustang and the 2016 Focus - click here.

To learn more about SEMA 2015 click here.

Be sure to contact us as well with any questions related to SEMA 2015 or the F-Series. We’ll gladly provide specs, pricing news, and more.
In the northwestern corner of Ohio sits the town of Napoleon. It’s a tiny place named for an equally tiny emperor, with a population hovering below 9,000 and a brick-faced downtown. It’s quiet; it’s secluded; it’s... the ultimate F-150 tribute.

Travel just beyond Napoleon and visit Leaders Farms, where the Ford F-150 has been creatively brought to life in a seven acre corn maze!

Leaders Farms - managed by husband and wife team, Brad and Kristen Leaders - is the agritainment capital of Ohio, blending maize and mazes in a fun new way! Watch below as it transforms the F-150 into a series of twists, turns, and exciting pathways.

The F-150 inspires drivers across North America - and rightfully so. This pickup delivers incredible power, with its 5.0L V8 dominating every road. Combine this with the new Pro Trailer Backup Assist system (which allows for more precise navigation) and the value of compressed natural gas fuels (which reduced overall emissions) for a superior experience.

It’s no wonder that the Leaders Farms team wanted to celebrate! Halloween is getting a Ford makeover this season.... and we wish we were in Napoleon to see it.

To learn more about the F-150, as well as other F-Series models, contact us today. We’ll gladly provide specs, prices, and more.

Few numbers prove as elusive as 200,000. This mileage milestone is rarely achieved, with many cars rattling themselves to the junk-yard before they get the chance. Their engines falter; their chassis rust; and their wires all fray. It seems impossible to cross that finish line.

One proud Ford owner - known on YouTube as ApplesMauce - did just that, however. Watch below as he takes his F-150 to the 200,000 mark!

The F-150 is a premier pickup. It’s no surprise, therefore, that it was able to survive 200,000 miles of backroads, highways, and forgotten trails. It’s engineered for endurance, serving as Ford’s most tested vehicle. Each generation receives a series of brutal simulations (including salt sprays, acidic sprays, and arctic temperatures) to push the truck to the utmost limit.

For ApplesMauce, that limit no longer includes the 200,000 milestone.

To learn more about this story click here.

Be sure to send us your F-150 tales as well! We’d love to hear about the personal records you’ve set for distance, towing, hauling, and more.
ford f150 forgiato concept sema 2015Along the Las Vegas strip comes a wave of exhaust - with cruisers, roadsters, and convertibles roaring down the street toward the 2015 SEMA Show. They’ve come from across the globe, bearing logos from the leading manufacturers (Ford, Toyota, GM, Honda, and more). Each promises next-generation tech and high speeds.

And among them - hidden in the chrome and smoke - are new F-150s.

According to EGM Car Tech, Ford is bringing a series of F-150s to the 2015 SEMA Show. Seven concept teasers (each featuring Supercrew platforms) will be offered to audiences, each highlighting specific mod-kits available in 2016. These kits will include:

The ROUSH F-150
The AirDesgin
The Forgiato
The Galpin AutoSports Grabber

These vehicles - which boast a bevy of new features, including: Freak-O-Boost intercoolers, Whipple superchargers, cat-back exhausts, Reikken batteries, and RS7000 struts - promise exceptional performance. Each emphasizes best-in-class payloads and enhanced speeds, making them ideal off-roaders.

We can’t wait to test them out!

To learn more about the 2015 SEMA Show visit its official site.

Be sure to contact us with any F-150 questions or comments as well!

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