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ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaAtop Mount Ford sits the F-150 - the only pick-up able to scale treacherous sales curves, dominate rocky marketing campaigns, and ascend consumer verticals. This truck has reigned supreme among the North American market for more than 30 years. It’s created a high standard in performance.

It’s about to create an equally high standard in hybrid technology.

According to AutoBlog, Ford will soon launch a hybrid F-150. The company - which recently announced plans to invest $4.5 billion in electric and plug-in platforms throughout the next five years - intends to introduce its beloved pick-up to a new audience. It will combine EcoBoost precision with a rear-wheel drivetrain, delivering improved economy and undeniable results.

A hybrid design isn’t the only change coming to the F-150. AutoBlog also noted recent testings of a turbo-diesel model, with Ford utilizing the power of a Lion V6 to increase overall efficiency and speed. This engine, when combined with the model's new aluminum framing, should generate 245 HP, 443 lb.-ft of torque, and more than 30 MPG.

We’re excited - aren’t you?

Ford is redefining its signature pick-up. With the use of hybrid and diesel technology, the F-150 will become a more effective option for all drivers.

To learn more about the F-150 - as well as other F-Series options - contact us today!