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Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
ford f150 sema 2015On November 6th, SEMA 2015 came to an end - forcing more than 100,000 manufacturers, engineers, and product developers to trudge out of the Las Vegas Convention Center and return to the real world. Though leaving behind the dizzying array of custom cars and next-gen innovations proved sad, there was at least one happy thought to sustain these spectators: the Ford F-Series had won Hottest Truck.

On SEMA’s opening day, critics crowned the 2016 F-Series the Hottest Truck. According to the Du Pont Registry, this victory was well-deserved, with the pick-up delivering exceptional power, performance, and styling. Seven modified F-150s debuted at the 2015 show  - including the MRT 6-SIX, the Leer Edition Outdoorsman, the ROUSH, the CGS Performance, the AirDesign USA, the Forgiate, and the Gulf Livery Galpin Auto Sport - and each helped to secure a victory for Ford.

The Novlan team isn’t surprised. Each of these options promises incredible backroad results and we hope to see them roll off the production lines (and onto our lot) soon.

To learn more about Ford’s F-Series collection - as well as its other award-winning models, including the 2016 Mustang and the 2016 Focus - click here.

To learn more about SEMA 2015 click here.

Be sure to contact us as well with any questions related to SEMA 2015 or the F-Series. We’ll gladly provide specs, pricing news, and more.
ford f150 forgiato concept sema 2015Along the Las Vegas strip comes a wave of exhaust - with cruisers, roadsters, and convertibles roaring down the street toward the 2015 SEMA Show. They’ve come from across the globe, bearing logos from the leading manufacturers (Ford, Toyota, GM, Honda, and more). Each promises next-generation tech and high speeds.

And among them - hidden in the chrome and smoke - are new F-150s.

According to EGM Car Tech, Ford is bringing a series of F-150s to the 2015 SEMA Show. Seven concept teasers (each featuring Supercrew platforms) will be offered to audiences, each highlighting specific mod-kits available in 2016. These kits will include:

The ROUSH F-150
The AirDesgin
The Forgiato
The Galpin AutoSports Grabber

These vehicles - which boast a bevy of new features, including: Freak-O-Boost intercoolers, Whipple superchargers, cat-back exhausts, Reikken batteries, and RS7000 struts - promise exceptional performance. Each emphasizes best-in-class payloads and enhanced speeds, making them ideal off-roaders.

We can’t wait to test them out!

To learn more about the 2015 SEMA Show visit its official site.

Be sure to contact us with any F-150 questions or comments as well!

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