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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
A picture is worth a thousand words - and, after drivers catch a glimpse of the 2019 Raptor Ranger, we expect every phrase to be celebratory. This F-150 variant is on its way… and it promises to be a half-ton contender unlike any other.

According to AutoBlog, exclusive renderings of the 2019 F-150 have just been released - and they showcase the world’s most unexpected crossover. Ford has spliced together two distinct platforms and created a pick-up that will impress from every angle. This truck pairs the rugged design of the Raptor with the efficiency of the Ranger, delivering an all-terrain option that will delight.

The chassis is leanly styled, with shortened fenders and a square front. The narrow wheel-wells pair with all-season tires, and the cargo-bed is tailored for mid-volume payloads. None can deny the Ranger influence, with the 2019 F-150 intended for everyday hauling (the aluminum body should exceed no more than 5,277-mm in length, providing more nimble handling). Don’t fret, though, Ford fans. This is more than just another compact pick-up.

Instead the new F-150 will embrace Raptor performance - with critics anticipating a 2.7L EcoBoost engine, an all-wheel-drivetrain, and a new 10-speed automatic transmission. This should yield more than 300 HP and dominate the Baja segment.

Expect perfection with every mile.

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Too often does disappointment shadow every mile - with drivers feeling the uneasy lurches of their pick-ups, the ragged sways of trailers. Despite promises of best-in-class performance, these trucks prove unable to accomplish even the simplest half-ton goals; and they all fall victim to their payloads.

With the release of the 2017 F-250 Super Duty, Ford brings custom power to the market - allowing drivers to tailor every press of the pedal. Discover long-haul ease at last.

According to WTOP, the new F-250 Super Duty delivers peerless performance - with Ford pairing its robust 6.2L FlexFuel V6 with a suite of available features. Adapt to every trailering need with help from:

Alternators - choose from 240-amp, 332-amp, or 337-amp options to improve electrical capabilities and lessen engine strain.

Receivers - enhance towing with a variety of receivers (including Ford’s signature 3-inch ball-and-hitch, which can shoulder the weight of every payload).

Towing Kits - extend hauling ranges with both Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck kits. Each provides custom plates to increase pin-weights and ensure seamless connections.

Through these class-exclusive features, the 2017 F-250 Super Duty can easily accommodate up to 15,000 pounds - providing drivers with the half-ton support they deserve. Endure weak engines and unsteady trailers no more.

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The next generation of performance has begun - with Ford unveiling its new F-150 Raptor. Since 2010 this pick-up had dominated the Baja circuit, delivering class-shattering power and unprecedented fun. Now the 2018 platform has arrived… and it fully embraces the traditions on the past.

Get ready to roar down the backroads!

According to the NWI Times, Ford is gearing up for sales supremacy. The 2018 F0-150 Raptor - which will soon arrive in dealerships across the U.S. and Canada - promises best-in-segment thrills. Its turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine rumbles to 450 HP and 510 lb.-ft of torque, while its new 10-speed automatic transmission sends drivers blazing from 0 to 60 in a mere 6.3 seconds. The use military-grade aluminum (which sheds 500 pounds from the chassis) promotes a more aerodynamic platform; 35-inch tires turn the pavement to dust; and the sport-tuned suspension is primed for every track, ensuring a more fluid ride.

When these elements combine, they allow the 2018 F-150 Raptor to sail past the competition - offering drivers all-wheel excitement with every press of the pedal.

We can't wait - can you?

To sample the power of the new Raptor visit our dealership today. Be sure to request further specs and financing information as well.

It’s a comparison of specs. You scrutinize every half-ton detail, calculating horsepower promises and all-wheel ratios. Performance isn’t a luxury. It’s instead a demand, and you will ensure that your next pick-up purchase delivers the V8 value you crave. Every number is catalogued with the greatest of care.

The Novlan team suggests sparing a few thoughts for safety.

While none can deny the need for best-in-class trailering, too often does this prove the only concern of drivers - with everyday safety ignored. This is why the 2018 F-150 is an ideal option, yielding both performance and security.

According to Truck Trend, Ford embraces prevention with its new F-150. A 360-degree camera anchors the rear, providing comprehensive lane monitoring. This pairs with a high-definition SYNC console (which receives real-time sensory feeds and alerts drivers to the presence of potential impediments, such as pedestrians or other vehicles) for improved blind spot control. Dynamic Hitch Assist technology delivers gridline support for parking, while the vented all-wheel brakes ensure smooth decelerations.

To promote steady handling on the highway, the 2018 F-150 has been fitted with a suite of traction programs - including Roll Stability Control, AdvanceTrac, and Curve Control. These systems work in tandem to maintain optimal tire grippage, accommodating every sudden twist or turn. They shift between two-wheel and four-wheel drive as needed, engaging the suspension to provide seamless responses.

Through this, Ford offers a safer ride - with the 2018 F-150 enabling consumers to adapt to traffic and road conditions alike.

Want to sample these features for yourself? Visit our lot today to learn more about the new F-150!

Certainty proves all too rare in the automotive world - with consumer interest forever waning and mid-quarter reports showcasing fickle profits. No success comes without doubt, and failure lurks behind every mile. This is the truth that defines each sale.

Ford is the exception.

According to Market Realist, the 2017 F-Series has maintained a staggering sales lead - earning 77,007 units in August! This represents a 15% year-to-year increase, with the F-150, F-250, and F-350 composing more than half of the company’s total profits for the month (SUVs and sedans generated 65,626 units, respectively). This defies all automotive trends, with the Big Blue Oval yielding record-breaking rewards.

What does this mean for the future? With demand for the F-Series reaching an all-time high, Market Realist predicts that Ford will experience unprecedented margins - with its year-to-year growth reaching up to 20% by December. Bolstered by an expanding Millennial demographic (with those between 25 to 35 choosing half-ton platforms for their everyday vehicles), this fleet should offer a sales boon for 2017.

The Novlan team isn’t surprised. The F-Series has proven an unstoppable force on our dealership - and we’ve been scrambling to keep enough F-150s and F-250s in stock. To test-drive our current inventory hurry to our lot today!

Style proves an uncommon concern among pick-up fans. They spend their days fantasizing about payload rates and all-terrain performances - with each hour revealing a new engine spec to scrutinize. Interior design, therefore, is simply unimportant.

With the release of the 2017 F-250, Ford seeks to change this driver mentality - offering both a powerhouse pick-up and a bold look.

According to J.D. Power, the new F-250 delivers sophistication. Within its cabin drivers will discover a wealth of premium features - ones typically reserved for the sedan market. Plush leather seats pair with upscale carpeting; aluminum trim frames the sill plates and doors; and the padded dashboard boasts quilted textures that emphasize its long, lean lines. To further complete the luxurious effect, this pick-up boasts color-coordinated headliners and steering wheel coverings (available shades include Shadow Black, Bronze Fire, and White Platinum).

Drivers can now fully customize their 2017 F-250s - piecing together interiors that are both dynamic and chic. This pick-up is truly in a class of its own.

Want to experience the unexpected elegance of the new F-250? Visit our dealership today! We’ll gladly provide you with access to our available inventory, as well as schedule test-drives at your convenience.

The curve proves sharp. You try to follow its unnatural arc but it breaks to a sudden left - sending your truck dangerously close to the pavement edge. You jerk the steering wheel to compensate and feel your payload shudder in response. For a brief and terrible moment, you fear that your vehicle will topple to its side.

It - thankfully - doesn’t. The worry, though, doesn’t fade away.

Ford understands. This is why it’s pairing its 2018 F-150 with exclusive Curve Control - a system that helps to achieve a balanced ride on every terrain.

As TFL Truck explains, Ford is redefining safety. The 2018 F-150 will boast Curve Control - which utilizes on-board sensors to monitor environmental changes (including inclines, turns, and uneven pavement). Should the conditions prove less than optimal, the system will engage the brakes and reduce the overall speed by 10 MPH. This will provide drivers with greater stability, sparing them the sudden lurch of a steering wheel and allowing them to instead gently correct their positions.

This, TFL Truck notes, will create safer conditions - with the new F-150 automatically responding to dangerous curves. The system requires less than a second to achieve total speed control, and this may prove the difference between success and an accident.

Want to test out Ford’s one-of-a-kind technology? Visit our dealership today to learn more!

The battle proved fierce - with contenders warring across the globe, trying to eke out territories and secure victories. Dust flew; roads shook; and, when the evening came, there was only one figure silhouetted against the horizon.

All hail the 2017 Ford F-Series - the world’s best-selling vehicle.

According to Fox News, Ford is no longer content to dominate North America. Instead it’s taken its F-Series - including the F-150, F-250, and F-350 - across the globe, introducing a new generation of drivers to best-in-class performance. Success has been both immediate and undeniable. This pick-up fleet now reigns supreme at the top of the charts, with its mid-year sales totaling 519,000 units. No other competitor comes close:

Toyota Corolla: 472,000.
VW Golf: 430,000.
Nissan X-Trail: 410,000.
Honda Civic: 387,000.
Toyota RAV4: 367,000.
Honda HRV: 364,000.
VW Tiguan: 344,000.
Honda CRV: 338,000.
Ford Focus: 335,000.

The 2017 F-Series easily won the sales battle, with its half-ton platforms delivering a massive 8.8% year-to-year increase across the globe. This showcases the growing value of Ford, with markets that traditionally favored sedans suddenly seeking pick-ups. The potential for expansion is endless; and we anticipate that the Big Blue Oval will continue to push the boundaries of trailering, towing, and payloads in the months to come.

Want to learn more about the 2017 F-Series? Visit our dealership today!

Records are meant to be broken - but, with the release of the 2018 F-150, Ford is decimating every milestone. Its latest F-Series platform will prove the ultimate half-ton beast, delivering superior towing, payload, and MPG capabilities. The future of performance has arrived.

Torque News reports that the 2018 F-150 will transform the pick-up market. This Ford model (which is scheduled for an early fall release) promises exceptional everyday value - connecting drivers to North America's best segment ratios. When properly equipped it offers:

Conventional Towing: Up to 13,200 Pounds.
Increase From 2017 Model: 2,700 Pounds.

Conventional Payloads: Up to 3,270 Pounds.
Increase From 2017 Model: 941 Pounds.

Horsepower: Up to 450.
Increase From 2017 Model: 10 HP.

Torque: Up to 470.
Increase From 2017 Model: 13 lb.-ft.

These numbers showcase the power of the 2018 F-150 - with Ford pushing its signature pick-up to the limit. Drivers will discover staggering all-terrain performance, hauling the heaviest of loads with ease over rocky terrains, sharp inclines, and more.

They’ll also experience efficiency. Torque News declares the 2018 F-150 to be a best-in-class workhorse, earning up to 30 MPGs on the highway. No other truck delivers such strong economy.

Are you as excited as we are?

To learn more about the new F-150 contact us today.
Economy is no longer defined by sedan lines and hatchback profiles. Instead Ford is bringing sustainable power to the pick-up market - with its 2018 F-150 promising segment-leading efficiency.

MotorTrend reports that the new F-150 - which will arrive in dealerships this fall - delivers unexpected value. Ford has bolstered this platform with a suite of cost-conscious engines, ensuring that drivers achieve optimal MPG ratios (rather than having to waste time at the fuel pump). No longer accept compromise. Discover a far easier economy instead:

Engine: 3.3L V6 (Naturally Aspirated).
City MPG: 19.
Highway MPG: 25.

Engine: 2.7L V6 (EcoBoost).
City MPG: 20.
Highway MPG: 26.

Engine: 5.0L V8.
City MPG: 17.
Highway MPG: 23.

Engine: 3.5L V6 (EcoBoost).
City MPG: 18.
Highway MPG: 25.

Each of these powertrains offers best-in-class performance - with Ford utilizing smart resource strategies. The 2018 F-150 has been fitted with both a 10-speed automatic transmission (creating a more fluid driving experience) and start-stop technology (ensuring peerless engine responses). These systems combine to enhance every drop of fuel, catering to all consumer needs.

Prepare for a new kind of pick-up.

To learn more about the 2018 F-150 - as well as other F-Series models - contact us today.
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