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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
new ford f250 for sale alberta canadaDoes performance ever prove economical? Drivers know this sad answer - no. With every supercharged platform comes a loss of both fuel and dollars, with robust engines demanding endless resources.

The 2018 F-250 will change this.

According to For Construction Pros, the new F-250 defies half-ton conventions - delivering both strength and efficiency. Ford has partnered with renowned aftermarket tuner XL Hybrid to redefine the Super Duty platform. Beneath the hood now sits an electric drive system, which boasts a 1.8-kWh battery pack and a 259-volt traction motor. These elements work together to enhance economy, utilizing lithium-ion energy to bolster the truck’s performance. It directly fuses with the chassis, delivering a steady torque ratio of 220 lb.-ft (which demands fewer resources); and its regenerative braking functions maintain a smooth power-band.

This ensures class-leading mileage - with the F-250 able to achieve a 25% overall output increase. Drivers can now experience up to 21 MPGs, allowing them to spend their time on the highway (rather than at the pump).

To further impress, this system also reduces the truck’s carbon footprint - with its traction motor eliminating C02 emissions by more than 20%. This Super Duty model now proves both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

Want to learn more? Visit our dealership today for further information about the optional electric drive system.
new ford f250 for sale alberta canadaThe sacrifice is a common one - with drivers trading style for performance. Their big-wheeled pick-ups offer none of the sleek lines they crave, instead emphasizing bulky capability; and every glance is met with resignation. There’s nothing to be done about this unfortunate half-ton trend.

Ford disagrees. With the release of the 2018 F-250, the Big Blue Oval is redefining pick-up style - introducing drivers to a sophisticated chassis that will thrill with every mile.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the F-250 defies all design conventions. Anchoring this platform is a black bar-style grille, which emphasizes the sharp span of the frame (266-inches long, 80-inches wide, and 82-inches high). Quad-beam halogen headlamps flank the sides, while LED bulbs are strategically mounted along the box (providing both sleek style and improved illumination). Painted steel bumpers mold perfectly across the body; tow hooks draw attention to the sculpted front; and optional cab steps extend six inches, delivering a chrome-plated finish that complements the crisp character lines.

To further showcase the truck’s dynamic profile, Ford has fused it with a series of moldings - adding depth to the wheel-wells, box rails, and tail-gate. These pair effortlessly with the available metallic colors (which include Ingot Silver and Magma Red).

The 2018 F-250 demands no design compromises. To schedule a peek at its super-sized frame contact our team today!

It seems an unlikely alliance - with Ford partnering with ROUSH Racing to enhance its hulking F-250. Though the two brands have been frequent collaborators on the sport market (delivering turbocharged Mustangs to the rally scene), the notion of them applying the same quicksilver treatment to a full-ton hauler has left many critics baffled.

We find, however, that we can easily accept this idea. After all, who can’t see the value in a sport-tuned F-250?

According to the Free Press, the 2018 F-250 has been redefined by ROUSH. This platform has been fused with 20-inch aluminum-alloy rims, delivering an aggressive stance; while 35.3-inch BF Goodrich K02 tires promise all-terrain value, boasting wide interlocks and stiffened sidewalls. Fender flares line the sides and combat debris; and a newly raised suspension promises an extra 1.5-inches of ground clearance (this ensures a total of 10 inches, allowing the platform to roll over every obstacle).

To further delight drivers: despite the extra weight these new features may bring, they demand no compromise of performance. The 2018 F-250 still yields best-in-class power, generating up to 4,315 payload pounds and 13,300 trailering pounds. This all pairs with a robust V8 engine that delivers 435 HP on the highway.

Are you as thrilled as we are?

To learn more about the 2018 F-250 contact our team today!

Hybrid performance no longer underwhelms - with Ford introducing its 2018 F-250 to the North American market. This Super Duty platform has been thoroughly refreshed, emphasizing premium power with every rev.

Prepare, Alberta, for the ultimate hybrid experience.

According to, the 2018 F-250 has been transformed into a potent EV - courtesy of a partnership between Ford and XL Hybrids. Anchoring this platform is an advanced dual powertrain, which combines a 6.2L V8 with a 1.8-kWH lithium-ion battery pack. A front-mounted inverter delivers a steady performance band, sending bursts of torque to the AWD; while an XLink telematics controller assesses every rev, optimizing both fuel levels and air intakes to ensure maximum capability.

The result is a hybrid that can achieve 385 HP and 430 lb.-ft of torque while in traditional combustible mode - and then generate an additional 220 lb.-ft of torque when engaging its lithium-powered throttle. This ensures a 0 to 60 run of 6.7-seconds and a maximum tow rating of 15,000 pounds. Compromise is a thing of the past.

The 2018 F-250 Super Duty will be available in limited North American markets - but, should it prove popular, Ford may expand its production schedule. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

To learn more about this hybrid contact our team today.

2018 ford f250 hybrid for sale alberta canadaEconomy is coming to the half-ton market - with Ford defying all expectations of gas-guzzling engines and meager MPGs. Prepare for the arrival of the 2018 F-250!

According to Trucking Info, Ford will soon premier a new F-Series powerhouse. This Super Duty - launched in partnership with XL Hybrids, an aftermarket tuner - will redefine performance, connecting drivers to an eco-friendly experience. With every press of the pedal achieve a 25% decrease in both emissions and fuel consumption.

How is this possible? The 2018 F-250 will be fused with an exclusive XL3 drivetrain - a system that blends a 295-volt traction motor with an advanced 1.8-kWh lithium-ion battery. These technologies will complement the truck’s 6.2L PowerStroke engine, redistributing torque to ensure a more efficient ride. They’ll lessen overall HP demands, while simultaneously optimizing fuel consumption; and this will provide drivers with MPG capabilities never thought possible before.

No official release date has been given for the 2018 F-250. Critics anticipate, however, that production will begin soon - with Ford and XL Hybrids wishing to introduce North America to exceptional economy.

To learn more about this and other Super Duty models contact our team today.

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