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Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
The record seemed carved in chrome - with the Ford F-Series racing to the top of the charts in 2005, generating an astounding 734,610 total units. No other brand had ever secured such a high number; and even Ford itself struggled to keep pace with this pick-up frenzy. The years that followed were undeniably profitable but they failed to reach the heights of this one long summer.

This may soon change.

According to The Detroit Free Press, Ford is racing (once again) toward a record. Its 2017 F-Series - anchored by the ever-popular F-150 - has already secured 658,636 total sales for the year. This represents a strong 38% of the entire pick-up market and it also has many critics wondering whether the Big Blue Oval can finally surpass its 2005 victory. Two months still remain to secure less than 100,000 units; and, should the current pace continue, this will prove an easy feat.

The F-Series reigns on the North American charts - effortlessly surpassing Chevrolet (24% of total sales), Dodge (22% of total sales), and GM (9% of total sales). It’s the only pick-up collection that has managed to generate a profit with every month, and its consumer interest level has never been higher. This, Ford believes, should lead it to a new sales milestone.

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Certainty proves all too rare in the automotive world - with consumer interest forever waning and mid-quarter reports showcasing fickle profits. No success comes without doubt, and failure lurks behind every mile. This is the truth that defines each sale.

Ford is the exception.

According to Market Realist, the 2017 F-Series has maintained a staggering sales lead - earning 77,007 units in August! This represents a 15% year-to-year increase, with the F-150, F-250, and F-350 composing more than half of the company’s total profits for the month (SUVs and sedans generated 65,626 units, respectively). This defies all automotive trends, with the Big Blue Oval yielding record-breaking rewards.

What does this mean for the future? With demand for the F-Series reaching an all-time high, Market Realist predicts that Ford will experience unprecedented margins - with its year-to-year growth reaching up to 20% by December. Bolstered by an expanding Millennial demographic (with those between 25 to 35 choosing half-ton platforms for their everyday vehicles), this fleet should offer a sales boon for 2017.

The Novlan team isn’t surprised. The F-Series has proven an unstoppable force on our dealership - and we’ve been scrambling to keep enough F-150s and F-250s in stock. To test-drive our current inventory hurry to our lot today!

The battle proved fierce - with contenders warring across the globe, trying to eke out territories and secure victories. Dust flew; roads shook; and, when the evening came, there was only one figure silhouetted against the horizon.

All hail the 2017 Ford F-Series - the world’s best-selling vehicle.

According to Fox News, Ford is no longer content to dominate North America. Instead it’s taken its F-Series - including the F-150, F-250, and F-350 - across the globe, introducing a new generation of drivers to best-in-class performance. Success has been both immediate and undeniable. This pick-up fleet now reigns supreme at the top of the charts, with its mid-year sales totaling 519,000 units. No other competitor comes close:

Toyota Corolla: 472,000.
VW Golf: 430,000.
Nissan X-Trail: 410,000.
Honda Civic: 387,000.
Toyota RAV4: 367,000.
Honda HRV: 364,000.
VW Tiguan: 344,000.
Honda CRV: 338,000.
Ford Focus: 335,000.

The 2017 F-Series easily won the sales battle, with its half-ton platforms delivering a massive 8.8% year-to-year increase across the globe. This showcases the growing value of Ford, with markets that traditionally favored sedans suddenly seeking pick-ups. The potential for expansion is endless; and we anticipate that the Big Blue Oval will continue to push the boundaries of trailering, towing, and payloads in the months to come.

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March proved to be the month of the pick-up - with the Ford F-Series generating record-breaking sales across the United States and Canada. Bolstered by the strong consumer response to its 2017 F-150 (as well as renewed interest in its commercial vehicles, the F-250 and F-350), the brand secured its place at the top of the charts.

Despite sluggish numbers for its competitors, the F-Series delivered staggering sales last month - experiencing a 10.1% year-to-year increase. Ford earned 81,330 total units, making it the clear winner in the pick-up race:

Chevrolet Silverado: 42,410 total units, 11.6% year-to-year decline.
GM Sierra: 60,870 total units, 14.3% year-to-year decline.
Toyota Tundra: 9,358 total units, 6.4% year-to-year decline.
Nissan Titan: 5,539 total units, 335% year-to-year increase.

While Nissan saw strong gains, its 2017 Titan wasn’t enough to dethrone the F-Series - and Ford (once again) dominated sales. This continues a 40-year tradition of high-performance.

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The end of the year leaves many automotive manufacturers reflecting on their failures - with sales down and consumer interest waning. 2016 saw stumbles from many marques (including Toyota, GMC, and Chevrolet) and the industry suffered.

Ford isn’t sharing in that suffering. It’s instead embracing December 31st with enthusiasm - knowing that its record-breaking sales in Canada will prove a perfect way to ring in the new year.

According to The News Wheel, Ford has experienced a surge of popularity in Canada. Thanks to its iconic F-Series (which saw a 37% year-to-year increase in November), the brand has generated a 20% overall rise for 2016. This leaves its total sales hovering just beneath the 300,000 mark.

That proves an impressive milestone for Ford, shattering previous Canadian records and creating a steady foundation for 2017. Through its F-Series - which includes the F-150, F-220, and F-350 - it’s managed to defy the trends and gain considerable consumer traction.

We’re not surprised. The 2017 F-Series is a perfect addition to the Ford family, delivering up to 440 HP and 925 lb.-ft of torque. Its 21,000-pound towing capabilities accommodate every heavy-duty need, while its maximum 7,600-pound payload capacity caters to both work and play. These pick-ups offer undeniable power.

They also offer undeniable sales, dominating the Canadian charts and promising strong results for the new year.

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2017 ford f series for sale saskatchewan canadaInnovation drives the Ford brand. With every year comes a new advancement in performance - with engines redefined, payloads enhanced, and economy strengthened.

This year proves to be no exception. In a recent interview with Tech Republic, Ford revealed its last innovation: a seven-camera system for the 2017 F-Series. This collection of high-resolution monitors promises exceptional safety on the highway, enabling drivers to better control their trailering needs.

The 2017 F-Series (which features the F-150, F-250, and F-350) now boasts a dynamic camera system. Through seven strategically placed lenses - with three centered at the rear and four placed along the sides - it continually assesses the road, sending real-time data to the central media console. This information enables drivers to immediately respond to all conditions, ensuring seamless navigation and proper lane correction.

Through this, Ford is improving highway safety. The 2017 F-Series delivers comprehensive visual monitoring, allowing drivers to make more efficient decisions. It reduces the chance of collisions and delivers early pedestrian detection. Prevention is its cornerstone.

The Novlan team is certainly impressed. With the release of the 2017 F-Series, we anticipate safer miles for our customers.

To learn more about the F-Series contact us today.

2017 ford f series for sale saskatchewan canadaIt’s the summer of pick-up performance. The 2017 Ford F-Series will soon arrive on the market, delivering best-in-class power to drivers across North America. This heavy-duty behemoth - with its 6.7L V8 turbo diesel engine, 440 HP, and 925 lb.-ft of torque - promises exceptional results on the backroads.

It also promises a mad rush to dealerships, with drivers scrambling to test the adaptive cruise control and exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance system (which utilizes four digital cameras to assess, and respond to, changing terrains). The 2017 F-Series will prove popular in both Canada and the United States.

Ford wishes to lessen the strain of those test-drive scurries. This is why it recently launched a 29-city promotional event, bringing the F-Series to North America.

According to Edmunds, the F-Series line-up (including the F-150, F-250, and F-350) will be revving its way from capital to capital, connecting drivers to 32,5000 pounds of gooseneck towing, 27,5000 pounds of conventional towing, and 7,630 pounds of payload capabilities. These numbers showcase Ford’s dedication to performance, promoting all-road adaptability and seamless power. The 29-city event will allow men and women to now access that power, providing closed-course test-drives. Sample the full-throttle roar of a turbocharged engine.

Interested in participating in this event? Click here to learn more about upcoming locations and sweepstakes opportunities.

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