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The battle proved fierce - with contenders warring across the globe, trying to eke out territories and secure victories. Dust flew; roads shook; and, when the evening came, there was only one figure silhouetted against the horizon.

All hail the 2017 Ford F-Series - the world’s best-selling vehicle.

According to Fox News, Ford is no longer content to dominate North America. Instead it’s taken its F-Series - including the F-150, F-250, and F-350 - across the globe, introducing a new generation of drivers to best-in-class performance. Success has been both immediate and undeniable. This pick-up fleet now reigns supreme at the top of the charts, with its mid-year sales totaling 519,000 units. No other competitor comes close:

Toyota Corolla: 472,000.
VW Golf: 430,000.
Nissan X-Trail: 410,000.
Honda Civic: 387,000.
Toyota RAV4: 367,000.
Honda HRV: 364,000.
VW Tiguan: 344,000.
Honda CRV: 338,000.
Ford Focus: 335,000.

The 2017 F-Series easily won the sales battle, with its half-ton platforms delivering a massive 8.8% year-to-year increase across the globe. This showcases the growing value of Ford, with markets that traditionally favored sedans suddenly seeking pick-ups. The potential for expansion is endless; and we anticipate that the Big Blue Oval will continue to push the boundaries of trailering, towing, and payloads in the months to come.

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