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2020 ford f150 for sale alberta canadaEnhance every adventure in the 2020 F-150. Ford will soon unveil this half-ton model to the North American market, promising exceptional off-road performance with each mile - courtesy of the new Sidewinder Package.

According to Motor One, the 2020 F-150 will boast class-shattering handling. Anchor the aluminum chassis with the exclusive Sidewinder Package and achieve optimum performance. An integrated leveling kit will enhance each rev, bolstering the front struts and providing up to two inches of additional height (this will allow drivers to more efficiently maneuver through water and deep ruts alike); while a solid metal puck will stabilize the frame and assure peerless control. To further increase capability, this suite will also feature BFG K02 tires. These promote superior treading and promise total off-road domination.

Ford's Sidewinder Package offers more than mere performance, however. It also yields a striking design - with custom graphics stretching across the bed. The suite name is emblazoned in red, while a ferocious snake coils along the top. This ensures a dynamic all-terrain effect and will impress every pick-up fan.

To learn more about the Sidewinder Package - or the new 2020 F-150 - contact the Novlan team today