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2017 ford f150 raptor dealer saskatchewanAcross the southwestern corner of the United States is a treacherous stretch of sand. Desertscapes - dunes, dust and deep ruts - shape the miles, and few drivers dare to travel across. Their engines, they fear, would surely fail in such an unforgiving environment.

Ford isn’t seeking forgiveness. It’s instead seeking a challenge - which is why it recently put its 2017 F-150 Raptor through a series of grueling desert tests.

According to Mustang and Fords, the F-150 Raptor conquered a 1000-mile route through the southwest. It powered through sand washes, rolled over silt beds and climbed steep hills: all while maintaining steady speeds of 50 MPH. This number proves important, being 25% faster than the last Raptor variant and showcasing new design improvements. These include:

A 3.5L V6 engine.
Direct fuel injection technology.
Twin turbo-charge technology.
Bolted-on steel powertrain.
Enhanced off-road suspension.
Aluminum bodywork.

These elements combines for a lighter, fiercer Raptor - one that can effortlessly conquer even the harshest roads.

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