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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
Close-up of a B and 0 speaker, which is part of the 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Luxury Package.All-terrain adventures demand no compromise of comfort. The 2022 Ford Maverick instead offers the upgrades Lloydminster drivers deserve - with the available Lariat Luxury Package fusing both the cabin and exterior with premium features. Contact Novlan Bros today to learn more.

Available on the new Maverick is the Lariat Luxury Package. This suite blends superior comfort with digital upgrades, allowing drivers to achieve a peerless off-road experience. 

Lariat Luxury Package: Interior Features

Inside the 2022 Maverick discover multi-level heating technology, which anchors the seats, steering wheel, and windshield. Four-way headrests afford a more passenger-friendly alignment, while the SYNC 3 infotainment system is bolstered by an eight-speaker Bang and Olufsen audio console (pictured on the right). 

Lariat Luxury Package: Exterior Features

Offered on the truck are heated mirrors, which assure maximum visibility during inclement weather. LED box lighting optimizes payload options when stowing cargo at night, and parking sensors have been placed at the rear to deliver real-time location monitoring. Reverse with confidence. 

The 2022 Maverick yields a premium driver experience. To learn more about this Ford truck - including further details about its available Lariat Luxury Package - contact our dealership today. We will happily connect you to the information you need.
Ring in this new year with off-road fun. The Ford Maverick will soon arrive in Saskatchewan - and it may bring a Tremor kit with it. Critics are anticipating an all-terrain upgrade for 2022, which will elevate the platform's already impressive standard features.

According to CarBuzz, the 2022 Maverick will be tailored for rough roads. A Tremor trademark has been registered with Chile's National Institute of Industrial Property, generating rumours that Ford will debut the platform on an international stage before eventually bringing it to North America. This will assure powerhouse performance, with the truck drawing inspiration from both the F-150 and Ranger. 

Though no official specs have been released for this add-on, the CarBuzz team anticipates that the Maverick Tremor would share the same 4x4 capabilities as its predecessors - utilizing FOX dampers and an electronic-locking rear differential to navigate rough terrain. 32-inch Continental tires should be included for maximum traction, and integrated skid plates would defend against debris. Additionally, a custom-tuned suspension would afford precise handling, with redesigned front knuckles enhancing overall articulation. 

Should the Maverick follow in the tread-marks of its F-Series and Ranger counterparts, the Tremor Package would prove a perfect option for those wishing to go beyond the highway.

To learn more about the 2022 Ford Maverick contact our team today.
The arrival of the 2022 Ford Maverick draws near - and critics are already singing praises for its efficiency (expect up to 23 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway) and performance (the maximum payload rating spans an impressive 1,564 pounds). This compact pick-up will prove a dynamic option for Saskatchewan.

It may also prove a potent one.

According to CarBuzz, the new Maverick may receive a Pro Power Onboard upgrade. This system - which currently anchors the F-150 - would bolster the truck’s already impressive output, utilizing available 2.0-kilowatt, 2.4-kilowatt, or 7.2-kilowatt generators to fuel every adventure. This suite (which includes 120-volt 20A outlets and an optional 240-volt NEMA L-14 30R system) allows drivers to enhance their performance capabilities, providing up to 85 hours of continuous voltage. Accommodate a wide range of tools and accessories, with the engine transformed into an inverter to create instantaneous energy.

The result would be a more efficient Maverick - one that could power work-sites and camp-grounds with equal ease. 

What do you think of this potential Pro Power Onboard upgrade? Share your opinions with our team today - and don’t hesitate to reserve the 2022 Ford Maverick!
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/October-2021/2022-ford-maverick-sync.jpg"alt="Interior of 2022 Ford Maverick, with SYNC 3 system showcased"/></a>Small but mighty - that’s the rallying cry of the 2022 Ford Maverick. This pick-up (which is available at Novlan Bros. dealership) delivers no compromises to the compact market, promising a bevy of entertainment upgrades to Saskatchewan.  

Stay in-the-know on even the most remote trails. Anchoring the new Maverick is the SYNC 3 infotainment suite. This system - which is housed on an eight-inch touchscreen - boasts both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, enabling users to engage with their favourite content. The FordPass suite assures a steady wi-fi signal on every adventure, while an optional wireless charging device keeps battery levels high. Two USB ports are standard, but an additional two are also available to maximize connectivity; and 4.2-inch and 6.5-inch productivity displays are on offer to bolster the driver experience. 

To further impress, Ford also allows for multi-device usage in the Maverick's bed. Take advantage of two 12-volt pre-wired power sources, as well as available 110-volt cab outlets, to maximize options on the trail. Bring along tools, camping equipment, and more. This truck will accommodate them with ease.

Curious about the 2022 Maverick and its connectivity options? Contact our dealership today for further information - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Ford models. 
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