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Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
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<a href=""><img src="images/upload/October-2021/2022-ford-maverick-fx4-package.jpg"alt="A blue 2022 Ford Maverick equipped with FX4 Off-Road Package driving down a tree-lined road"/></a>Upgrade the hybrid experience in Lloydminster - taking advantage of the 2022 Ford Maverick and its available FX4 Off-Road Package. This suite promises seamless handling on even the roughest terrains, proving ideal for those wishing to conquer both the highway and the trails. Visit Novlan Bros. today to learn more.

Ford will soon unveil the 2022 Maverick - the first standard hybrid pick-up. Though critics have been celebrating its class-leading economy (up to 40 MPG in the city) and compact styling, our team thinks that the available FX4 Off-Road Package will tempt drivers. 17-inch aluminum wheels anchor this suite, while A/T tires prove a perfect complement. Skid plates line the undercarriage, shielding the 2.0L EcoBoost engine; custom-tuned shocks afford smooth handling on rough roads; and Hill Descent Control is included to bolster performance on steep inclines (regulate both speed and traction with ease). 

Additionally, the FX4 Off-Road Package features both a heavy-duty radiator and an integrated engine fan - helping to better control temperature. This will allow the Maverick to maintain its high-performance output (250 HP and 277 lb.-ft of torque) without a fear of sudden overheating.

Curious about the FX4 Off-Road Package? Contact our team today for further information - and don’t forget to reserve the new Ford Maverick.

2021 Ford F-150 Delivers Award-Winning Safety To Paradise Hills

(Posted on Oct 20, 2021 at 07:40AM by Lee Byard)
Class-leading performance now pairs with award-winning protection - with the 2021 Ford F-150 earning Top Pick recognition from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Navigate every Saskatchewan road with ease, courtesy of this premier pick-up. 

According to Car and Driver, the new F-150 was recently propelled past the competition - achieving the Top Pick status that so few trucks manage. Due to a revised headlamp system (which includes automatic high-beams, rain-activated wipers, and optional complementary LED mirror-mounted spotlights), the Ford platform was deemed a superior option for Saskatchewan; and it revved through each IIHS category with ease, scoring the coveted Good rating for front crash prevention (both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian). 

In addition to its new headlamps, the 2021 F-150 offers ample support on the highway - blending AdvanceTrac stability with Curve Control technology. Four-wheel anti-lock brakes assure smooth stoppage, while available cross-traffic alerts monitor approaching obstacles with precision (automatically detecting sudden changes in speed or trajectory). These features then pair with the standard Safety Canopy suite, which includes side-curtain and seat-mounted airbags to afford comprehensive protection in the wake of a crash.

The 2021 F-150 delivers more than V6 performance to Saskatchewan. Instead it offers award-winning safety. To learn more about its available features contact Novlan Bros. today.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/September_2018/fordlogo.jpg"alt="A blue oval Ford emblem posed against a white background"/></a>Ready to go retro? The 2022 Ford Ranger (which will soon be available at Novlan Bros. in Saskatchewan) is bringing back its acclaimed Splash Package - injecting 90s style into every backroad adventure.

According to Ford Authority, the new Ranger (which is currently scheduled for an end-of-year release) will embrace its past. The Splash Package - a suite that ran from 1993 to 1998 - will now be offered to drivers, delivering a bevy of upgrades. 18-inch 12-spoke wheels will anchor the truck, affording a rugged stance; while glossy black accents will punctuate the fender vents and lip moldings. Orange nostrils will frame the grille, and custom graphics will emphasize the crisp side panels and tail-gate. 

Inside the enhancements will continue. Tuxedo stripes will highlight the leather seats, while bright orange stitching will follow the dashboard, armrests, and steering wheel. These touches will assure a bold look on the highway or the trails. 

The 2022 Ranger Splash Package promises to inject showroom style into the mid-size market. To learn more about this suite - or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Ford pick-ups - contact our team today. Don’t forget to also request financing information, as well as inquire about our current promotional opportunities. 
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/September-2021/2022-ford-super-duty-lariat.png"alt="A red 2021 Ford F-250 Lariat parked on a dirt road, with a farm setting in the background"/></a>Want to upgrade the commercial experience in Saskatchewan? Visit Novlan Bros. today and discover the newly redesigned 2022 Ford Super Duty. This fleet - which includes the F-250 and F-350 - has been fitted with an available Lariat Sport Appearance Package; and this delivers dynamic design to every work-site.

According to Ford Authority, the new Super Duty line-up offers more than 4x4 performance. Instead the Lariat Sport Appearance Package will impress. At the rear find a chrome exhaust tip, which flanks the body-coloured bumper; while a painted grille anchors the front and perfectly blends into the frame (choose a variety of metallic options, including Race Red, Iconic Silver, or the new Atlas Blue). Running boards are found at the sides, and exclusive box decals emphasize the extended lines of the bed (which is available in Regular, Crew, and Super cab configurations).

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package transforms the new 2022 Super Duty fleet into work-site showstoppers - especially when paired with available wheel wells, splash guards, and a hood deflector. These features further showcase the rugged lines of the truck and prove perfect for every environment.

To learn more about the 2022 Super Duty line-up contact our team today.
High-speed has come to the electric market. With the unveiling of the 2022 F-150 Lightning Ford is injecting dynamic performance into every rev - and Novlan Bros. knows that North Battleford adventures will never be the same. 

According to Forbes, the new Lightning proves aptly named. Anchored by dual three-phase AC motors, this pick-up yields a 0 to 60 sprint of five seconds under its Standard Range trim (the Extended Range trim, comparatively, will feature a four second time). Despite featuring a military-grade steel body - which is the thickest Ford has ever used - and an 1,800-pound battery system, this platform sails down the track. It maximizes its four-wheel-drive, utilizing a 50/50 weight distribution ratio to enhance stability; while the independent rear suspension bolsters cornering. This enables quick accelerations in Saskatchewan.

To further enhance performance, Forbes notes that the new 2022 Lightning features a low-profile chassis. The aerodynamic shape - which should measure 232.7 inches in length, 78.9 inches in height, and 80.0 inches in width - slices through the air, affording a more responsive ride. This truck leaves the competition behind.

Want to learn more about the 2022 F-150 Lightning? Contact our team today for further specs - and don’t forget to reserve your Standard or Extended Range model for a spring release.
Achieve custom performance in Alberta. The 2022 Ford Maverick - which should arrive at the Novlan Bros. dealership later this year - boasts a bevy of available accessories and add-ons, allowing drivers to tailor every rev. 

According to The Drive, the new Maverick boasts more than economy. Instead Ford is pairing it with a variety of accessories. Secure the bed with a soft-folding or hard-shell tonneau cover. Integrate dry storage and pivot boxes into the rear for superior organization, while Yakima bicycle carriers can be installed for seamless off-road fun. Add fender flares to promote all-terrain protection, deflecting dirt and debris with ease; and improve performance with a tailgate spoiler, which can help to bolster aerodynamics and disrupt air-flow.

Additionally, drivers may choose to pair this pick-up with custom liners - available for both the bed and tailgate. These options feature ribbed constructions, affording easier drainage; while their skid-resistant materials help to eliminate the expected scuffs and scratches. Maintain the Maverick's rugged appearance for years to come.

Curious about the 2022 Maverick and its available add-ons? Contact our team today for further information - and don’t hesitate to reserve an XL, XLT, or Lariat model at your earliest convenience.
Less is indeed more. With the release of the 2022 Maverick Ford is bringing compact style to Paradise Hill - as well as superior efficiency. Visit Novlan Bros. in Alberta today for further information.

According to CNET, the new Maverick (which has currently entered production and should arrive later this fall) will inject much-needed economy into the market. This pick-up - now ranked as the most compact within the Ford line-up - will generate a staggering 40 MPG in the city on the highway when equipped with the standard hybrid engine. 

Boasting a robust 2.5L inline-four, the new Maverick proves an ideal daily commuter. An electronic continuously variable transmission assures smooth responses, while a front-wheel-drive optimises performance. A rotary-style gear shift enables precise operator control, and a 94 kWh battery supplements each rev - assuring an extended drive-range of 500 miles and affording confident handling in-between charges. 

This truck serves as the first standard hybrid of its kind - and, with an estimated torque output of 155 lb.-ft and a payload capacity of 1,500 pounds - it is certain to start an efficiency trend. No longer will Alberta drivers have to compromise performance. The Maverick delivers true value.

Want to learn more about the new Ford Maverick? Contact our team today!
<a href="[New%2CFord%2CF-350%20Super%20Duty%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="images/upload/August-2021/photo-of-2022-roush-ford-super-duty-exterior-features.jpg"alt="A black 2022 ROUSH Super Duty parked beneath an overpass, with shrubs and bridges in the background/></a>Prepare for a style upgrade in Lloydminster. Novlan Bros. is thrilled to announce that the 2022 ROUSH Super Duty is on its way - and it’s bringing a series of exterior upgrades to the market. This Ford fleet (which includes the F-250 and F-350) will impress.

According to AutoEvolution, the 2022 Super Duty will receive a ROUSH makeover. Lariat trims will be fitted with custom upgrades, allowing drivers to inject runway style into every adventure. Satin-finished 20-inch wheels will pair with 35-inch General Grabber AT/X tires; while a DPF exhaust will anchor the rear. Custom graphics will help to emphasize the rugged profile, and a FOX 2.0 high-performance suspension system will lend a sporty stance. Exterior colours will include Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, or Star White; and black fenders will add a sleek effect. 

To further impress, ROUSH is extending its bold style to the interior - equipping the 2022 Super Duty with an exclusive leather package. This will deliver plush textures and striking contrast stitching to Lloydminster. 

Want to learn more about the 2022 ROUSH Super Duty? Contact our team today to request further information about Ford truck - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available F-250 or F-350 models.
Demand more than strength from the pick-up market. Instead visit Novlan Bros. in Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, and discover how the 2022 Ford Maverick delivers premium economy to drivers. This compact truck pairs its rugged engine suite with class-leading efficiency, ensuring that no time is wasted scouring for a fuel station.

According to CNET, the new Maverick (which will arrive later this year) will yield an impressive 22 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway - courtesy of its 2.0L EcoBoost block. An eight-speed automatic transmission will assure precise responses; while variable-assist power steering will enhance operator control. The uni-body design also boasts a light curb weight (3,563 pounds) to lessen engine strain; and direct-injection technology optimises fuel distribution. These features then pair with a large gas tank (16.5 gallons) to deliver superior efficiency. 

Don’t fret, however. The 2022 Maverick won’t only excel at the pump. Instead its EcoBoost engine will also yield potent power - generating 250 HP and 277 lb.-ft of torque. Achieve the best in pick-up performance in Paradise Hill. 

Curious about the new Maverick and its economy technologies? Contact Novlan Bros. today to learn more - and don’t forget to place your reservation for this Ford truck with our team.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is coming to Alberta - and Novlan Bros. knows that it’s certain to impress. This hybrid will redefine all pick-up expectations, delivering more than power to families. It will also yield everyday convenience.  

According to Car and Driver, Ford has doubled production for the 2022 F-150 Lightning. Due to a staggering increase in EV requests, the Big Blue Oval is investing $850 million to meet consumer demand - and the Novlan team isn’t surprised.

The 2022 F-150 Lightning will deliver peerless EV performance to Alberta. Its dual-motor system should generate a maximum range of 480-km on a single charge (sparing drivers the need to search for fuel stations), while an integrated 80-amp outlet will afford up to 100% of battery life in a mere eight hours. To further impress, this platform will be equipped with Intelligent Backup Power - which will enable it to smartly ration lithium-ion responses and divide up to 9.6 kW of output. From this, families will be able to plug the truck directly into their homes and generate enough electricity to maintain their grid systems for up to three days. This will prove essential during sudden black-outs, brown-outs, or emergencies. 

Excited about the new F-150 Lightning? Contact our team today to learn how you can reserve this Ford EV!
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