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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
new ford f150 for sale alberta canadaPrepare, Alberta, for a new kind of hybrid experience. Images of the electric F-150 have been released - and they promise exciting changes for 2021.

According to Fox News, the F-150 Hybrid (which is scheduled to enter production sometime next year) will bring unprecedented performance to the market - with Ford pairing this pick-up with an independent rear suspension. No full-size truck currently in North America offers this feature, and critics anticipate that it will redefine the hauling experience. Ride quality will be improved, with pitch ratios automatically aligning to pavement changes; while a lowered spring rate will afford tighter cornering, allowing the platform to remain balanced. Traction will also be increased, courtesy of the seamless wheel connection.

Through this, the F-150 Hybrid will be able to better respond to rough terrains - enabling drivers to push past every obstacle with ease. Combine this with the inclusion of an economical powertrain (a zero-emissions lithium-ion battery will be offered, delivering an expected 10% to 15% increase in overall MPG output) and pick-up domination is assured.

To learn more about the upcoming electric F-150 - as well as our other available F-Series models - contact our team today.
ford f-150 hybrid for sale alberta canadaIt’s a history of electrification. Throughout the decades, Ford has reinvented its fleet - stripping away traditional engines and bolstering the chassis with battery packs and hybrid cells. All of its signature vehicles (including the Fusion, the Escape, the Expedition, and the Focus) have been defined by efficiency.

Will the F-150 soon join them?

Rumors have recently emerged that Ford is considering an all-electric pick-up - with the F-Series’ robust V8 replaced with lithium-ion energy. This news has been met with both acclaim and curiosity, with critics already debating potential specs. The Drive, however, urges caution for the future.... because there are no immediate plans to transform the F-150.

Upon recently examining the capabilities of its battery packs, Ford has determined that the F-150 should (for now) remain a V8 platform. Lithium performance is simply unable to adapt to the trailering demands of North America, and it can’t generate the same responses as the current 2017 version:

Horsepower: Up to 450.
Torque: Up to 510 lb.-ft.
Payloads: 2,329 pounds.
Towing: 10,500 pounds.

An electric platform - while more efficient - would prove ill-suited to the back-roads and would force drivers to compromise their hauling abilities. Until Ford can replicate the success of its 2017 F-150, it will not pursue an alternative engine.

We expect, however, that the high interest in a hybrid pick-up will spur new technological developments - and, hopefully, we’ll be spared a lengthy wait.

Share your thoughts about the possibility of an electric F-150 with us!

new ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaConvenience will soon define the hybrid market. The F-150 - which is being transformed into a dual-motor powerhouse, blending V6 precision with sustainable technology - will receive a new bed design, allowing drivers to quickly reach their cargo.

Fox News reports that the F-150 hybrid (which currently has no official release date but should arrive before 2020) will feature a streamlined bed. The entire box will be suspended along an automated platform system. When activated, electric rails will extend past the tailgate, shifting the entire floor toward the driver. Through this, all payloads will be readily accessible.

This, the Novlan team knows, is crucial for consumers. The F-150 serves as both a workhorse and an off-road powerhouse - accommodating every day and every adventure. Being able to efficiently stack, store, and remove items will simplify each mile.

It will also promote safety. The hybrid F-150’s bed-system will feature proximity sensors, ensuring that the rails immediately stop when approaching an obstacle (such as a pedestrian, a parked car, or a building). This will defend against sudden collisions and spare drivers the frustration of constantly monitoring their surroundings.

What do you think of this latest Ford upgrade? Will it sway you to the hybrid market? Share your thoughts about the upcoming F-150 with us today!
Less often proves more in the world of hybrid technology. Tiny hatchbacks and tightly-tailored sedans define the market - with automotive engineers seeking to maximize performance through lightweight, efficient profiles. With large engines, after all, comes the need for equally large quantities of fuel.

The impending arrival of a hybrid Ford F-150, however, should redefine this philosophy. Bigger is finally better.

According to MSN, the hybrid F-150 (which was first announced at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, along with a fleet of other plug-in and EV platforms) has been spotted. Clever-eyed photographs captured it from every wide-bodied angle, hoping to reveal its secrets. This was no easy task, thanks to Ford’s ample camouflaging; but a few insights were gleaned on the Michigan proving grounds:

The Possibility of a J1772 Connector - extensive cladding along the front fender suggests the presence of a Connector. This will allow for quick plug-in capabilities (potentially even utilizing Ford’s signature DC Smart Charging program).

The Use of a Four-Cylinder Engine - the soft exhaust decibel suggests a more refined engine. A four-cylinder EcoBoost is expected, similar to the one shared with the Explorer (which yields 310 HP and 320 lb.-ft of torque).

The Potential for a Turbocharger - through a four-cylinder engine is anticipated, MSN critics wonder whether the hybrid F-150 will still offer turbocharged power, similar to the base model of the Mustang. The chances are considered high.

These notions certainly have the Novlan team excited - and we can’t wait for the hybrid F-150 to arrive.

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