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Less often proves more in the world of hybrid technology. Tiny hatchbacks and tightly-tailored sedans define the market - with automotive engineers seeking to maximize performance through lightweight, efficient profiles. With large engines, after all, comes the need for equally large quantities of fuel.

The impending arrival of a hybrid Ford F-150, however, should redefine this philosophy. Bigger is finally better.

According to MSN, the hybrid F-150 (which was first announced at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, along with a fleet of other plug-in and EV platforms) has been spotted. Clever-eyed photographs captured it from every wide-bodied angle, hoping to reveal its secrets. This was no easy task, thanks to Ford’s ample camouflaging; but a few insights were gleaned on the Michigan proving grounds:

The Possibility of a J1772 Connector - extensive cladding along the front fender suggests the presence of a Connector. This will allow for quick plug-in capabilities (potentially even utilizing Ford’s signature DC Smart Charging program).

The Use of a Four-Cylinder Engine - the soft exhaust decibel suggests a more refined engine. A four-cylinder EcoBoost is expected, similar to the one shared with the Explorer (which yields 310 HP and 320 lb.-ft of torque).

The Potential for a Turbocharger - through a four-cylinder engine is anticipated, MSN critics wonder whether the hybrid F-150 will still offer turbocharged power, similar to the base model of the Mustang. The chances are considered high.

These notions certainly have the Novlan team excited - and we can’t wait for the hybrid F-150 to arrive.

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