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new ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaConvenience will soon define the hybrid market. The F-150 - which is being transformed into a dual-motor powerhouse, blending V6 precision with sustainable technology - will receive a new bed design, allowing drivers to quickly reach their cargo.

Fox News reports that the F-150 hybrid (which currently has no official release date but should arrive before 2020) will feature a streamlined bed. The entire box will be suspended along an automated platform system. When activated, electric rails will extend past the tailgate, shifting the entire floor toward the driver. Through this, all payloads will be readily accessible.

This, the Novlan team knows, is crucial for consumers. The F-150 serves as both a workhorse and an off-road powerhouse - accommodating every day and every adventure. Being able to efficiently stack, store, and remove items will simplify each mile.

It will also promote safety. The hybrid F-150’s bed-system will feature proximity sensors, ensuring that the rails immediately stop when approaching an obstacle (such as a pedestrian, a parked car, or a building). This will defend against sudden collisions and spare drivers the frustration of constantly monitoring their surroundings.

What do you think of this latest Ford upgrade? Will it sway you to the hybrid market? Share your thoughts about the upcoming F-150 with us today!
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