Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
Don’t enter the woods. Every fairy tale, fable, and cautionary fiction warns this - emphasizing the dangers of becoming hopelessly lost, wondering forever down dark trails and lonely miles.

Ford thinks each path deserves exploration, however, and it’s writing its own adventure story - introducing Alberta drivers to the exclusive Breadcrumbs feature. Off-road fun will never be the same.

According to The Drive, Ford is redefining the Go Further philosophy - pairing its 2020 Ranger with the new Breadcrumbs system. This GPS-based function allows operators to more efficiently navigate unfamiliar territory, syncing immediately with the eight-inch LCD display screen and generating a 3D map of the terrain. Individual markers are placed along the path, highlighting where the truck has been (including detailed coordinates and distance notations). This assures easier adventuring, eliminating the chance of becoming lost by keeping track of every single movement. 

By utilizing the Ranger’s Breadcrumbs feature, drivers can effortlessly identify where they have been - and, should they need to retrace their steps when the terrain becomes too unsteady, a simple press of a button will yield instant satellite clarity. No road will prove too unwieldy for this 2.3L pick-up.

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2020 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaMere hours remain in 2019. The countdowns have begun; the fireworks have been lit; and across Alberta Ranger fans are celebrating - because their beloved pick-up has just been named Truck of the Year

Is there any better way to ring in 2020?

The Detroit Free Press has named its Truck of the Year candidate - and Ford fans aren’t surprised that this title has been given to the new Ranger. This 2020 model (which is available in XL, XLT, and Lariat trims) delivers class-leading power, with its 2.3L EcoBoost engine primed to impress. Direct-injection technology pairs with 16 custom valves, yielding seamless sequencing in Alberta; while a twin-scroll turbocharger thrills with its no-lag design. This ensures up to 270 HP and a best-in-segment 310 lb.-ft of torque, allowing drivers to push the limits of backroad fun.

To further thrill, the 2020 Ranger also boasts exceptional economy - earning 21 MPGs in the city and 26 MPGs on the highway. The Detroit Free Press notes that its lean size (211-inches in length, 78-inches in width, and 72-inches in height) and integrated Auto Start-Stop technology (which eliminates costly engine idling) makes it an efficient choice for Alberta.

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new ford ranger truck for sale alberta canadaWhat truly matters is on the inside. This is what the proverbs claim. Those catching a peek of the 2020 Ranger R-Carbon, however, will find themselves swayed - with this mid-size pick-up delivering striking style. Beauty may indeed be on the outside.

According to Motor One, the new Ford Ranger has arrived… and it’s bringing dynamic lines to Alberta. Aptly named the R-Carbon, this platform (which is a SEMA-inspired aftermarket upgrade) is wrapped in a series of black fiber panels. 20-inch alloy wheels anchor the body. Front-mounted wings complement the lean fenders, while a stainless steel exhaust creates a sharp contrast at the rear. A custom grille boasts dark mesh inserts and bold badging; and vents slash across the sides. A diffuser further impresses, drawing the eye toward the redesigned bed (complete with tailgate spoiler and tweaked bumper).

Inside the R-Carbon continues to thrill - with its interior boasting an optional leather package. Discover plush bolstering, contrast stitching, and supple soft-touch materials throughout the cabin.

Showroom style is coming to the backroads.

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2020 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaDoes size truly matter? Ford doesn’t think so - instead bringing the 2020 Ranger XL to the market. This pick-up delivers potent performance, despite its compact frame; and Alberta drivers will find it perfect for their everyday demands. 

According to Ford Authority, the new Ranger XL can accommodate adventures both big and small. This truck (which measures 211-inches in length, 78-inches in width, and 72-inches in height) is anchored by a responsive 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder. This assures 270 HP and 310 lb.-ft of torque, enabling a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds; while the twin-scroll turbocharged design affords a 0 to 60 dash of 6.3 seconds. The 10-speed automatic transmission yields deft handling on even the sharpest corners, and the inclusion of a direct-injection system optimizes fuel intake: with 26 MPGs earned on the highway. 

The 2020 Ranger XL has been tailored for errands and off-road thrills alike - with its 4x2 frame supported by an advanced suspension system. A tubular stabilizer bar sits at the front, while leaf springs bolster the rear. These work in tandem to promote smooth articulation, allowing this Ford truck to transition to any terrain.

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2020 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaAlberta: are you ready to rock?

Ford is posing this question to the North American market - though they already know the answer will be a resounding yes. The 2020 Ranger RTR is on its way, and it promises dynamic performance on every terrain.

According to CNET, the 2020 RTR has been tailored for the backroads. A FOX 2.0 suspension anchors the chassis, yielding smooth articulation and seamless pitch; while 17-inch custom-designed wheels roll across every rock and rut. A Ford Performance cat-back exhaust delivers precise air control, and fender flares flank the sides to defend against debris. LED bulbs cut through even the worst Alberta weather, and the inclusion of a light bar further impresses (creating a wider field of vision and improving safety).

Ford then pairs these features with a sleek leather interior - allowing drivers to indulge in premium fabrics and ergonomic cushions while conquering the trails. The 2020 Ranger RTR will prove a perfect addition to any adventure.

Curious about this off-road option? Contact our team today to request further specs and pricing information about the new RTR - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Ranger models.

new 2020 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaInnovation is coming to the mid-size market - with Ford unveiling its 2020 Ranger Hellwig. This exclusive model (which will anchor the brand’s upcoming SEMA showcase from November 5th 2019 to November 8th 2019) proves that power can truly be eco-friendly.

According to Motor Trend, the 2020 Hellwig has been fitted with an exclusive Goal Zero solar system. This allows the truck to optimize its 2.3L four-cylinder engine, eliminating carbon emissions by producing pure energy. The entire powertrain is fed by a lithium-ion battery and high-voltage currents to assures seamless control on the backroads. Tempered glass has been specially designed to withstand even the roughest of terrains, creating a rugged panel configuration; while integrated LED indicators follow the sun’s trajectory and identify optimal charging angles when the Ranger is parked.

This allows drivers to maximize their voltage outputs when the engine is not in use - and that translates to dynamic all-terrain power (up to 270 HP) later on the trails.

The 2020 Ranger Hellwig is a masterclass of solar engineering - and we’re eager to see how Ford applies this technology to its future pick-up trucks. To learn more about this platform (as well as other upcoming SEMA models) contact our team today.

2020 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaRejoice, pick-up fans! The 2019 SEMA Event will soon begin - and it’s promising dynamic off-road performance, serving as the official debut for the Advanced Accessory Concept Ranger from Ford.

According to Car and Driver, a new Ranger is coming to SEMA. On November 5th 2019 Ford will rev the Advanced Accessory Concept down the Las Vegas strip - and introduce audiences to exceptional capability. This aftermarket platform will decimate every terrain. An AFN bumper slices through the undergrowth, while a skid plate and rock sliders defend against debris. An Icon lift kit raises the chassis by 3.5 inches, promoting easier water treading; and the inclusion of a 10-S Warn Zeon winch affords superior towing strength.

To further thrill adventure-seekers, Ford has paired this custom Ranger with a camp-ready bed configuration. Pull down the available steel ladder and slide into a mounted tent (which provides protection against the elements and insects alike). Inside this mesh option discover unexpected luxury, with a 50-quart fridge placed in the corner. Keep your food cold and your mind at ease.

The Advanced Accessory Concept Ranger allows drivers to journey further - providing access to the best in Ford performance. To learn more about this and other SEMA-bound models contact us today.
2020 ford ranger raptor for sale alberta canadaIs this the next step in pick-up performance? We certainly hope so - with Ford unveiling its 2020 Ranger Raptor to the European market.

According to Car Buzz, the latest fusion of Ford power has arrived. The 2020 Ranger Raptor - which combines a lean profile with a supersized engine suite - is shattering records and expectations alike, crashing down every European trail. Anchored by a twin-turbo 2.0L diesel, this platform generates 210 HP and 369 lb.-ft of torque; and a 10-speed automatic transmission delivers crisp control, seamlessly gliding between gears and custom sport-modes.

A question looms over the North American market, though: will Ford bring this model across the pond.

The answer is… it’s possible.

Ford has yet to confirm that it will offer the 2020 Ranger Raptor to Alberta drivers - but critics have their fingers crossed. This F-150 variant promises exciting performance, pairing a sport-inspired suspension with FOX diameter dampers. It’s tailored for the backroads, and its 33-inch BF Goodrich tires will slice through the roughest terrains.

We’re praying for a pick-up miracle.

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