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2020 ford ranger raptor for sale near me canadaYou always want what you can’t have. This is what the cliches warn - but we can’t help but covet the 2020 Ranger Raptor. This Ford pick-up (which is currently shredding the Australian backroads) promises class-shattering performance… and it’s something we desperately need to see in Alberta.

Car Buzz has just unveiled the new Ranger Raptor. Boasting a 5.0L Coyote V8, this truck dominates each mile - delivering up to 710 HP and 610 lb.-ft of torque. Turbocharged performance assures dynamic handling, while a 10-speed automatic transmission seamlessly shifts between gear ratios (enabling precise control on both the pavement and the trails). This is the premier mid-size option… and critics aren’t sure if we’ll ever get it here.

As Car Buzz explains, Ford currently has no plans to bring the Ranger Raptor to North America. This leaves our team distressed - because we know the rugged fully-boxed ladder frame and upgraded long-travel suspension (which has been designed specifically for off-road adventures) would prove popular with our customers. The three inches of additional ground clearance would further impress, allowing Alberta drivers to effortlessly scale any terrain. 

We can only hope that Ford will bring the 2021 Ranger Raptor here - keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes locked on the horizon.

What do you think, Alberta? Would this be the perfect pick-up for your adventures? Let us know!