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2021 ford f150 for sale alberta canadaPerformance extends far beyond engine suites - with Alberta drivers relying on commercial tools, telematics, and more to improve their payload experiences. Too often, however, do they find low voltage and weak connections; and trying to power each device proves a challenge.

The 2021 Ford F-150 will change this.

According to Road and Track, the new F-150 will feature an exclusive Pro Power Onboard system. This advanced electrical console assures premium responses, allowing drivers to achieve hours of continuous (and vigorous) connectivity. Choose from three generator levels to accommodate every device:

2.0-KW - ideal for low-volume syncing (offering between 1,800-watts and 2,000-watts of total output). This can adapt to landscaping equipment, portable speakers, and other conventional items.

2.4-KW - recommended for medium-volume syncing (providing between 2,300-watts and 2,400-watts of total output). Use this for masonry machines, air compressors, and other commercial devices.

7.2-KW - suggested for high-volume syncing (delivering between 7,300-watts to 7,400-watts of total output). Trust this generator to accommodate hammer drills, plasma cutters, and other heavy-duty tools.

The Pro Power Onboard system has been designed to provide extended performance, with critics noting up to 85 hours of usage per full battery. No longer struggle with limited connectivity.

To learn more about this F-150 system contact our team today.
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