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Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
A blue Ford oval with white lettering posed against a white background.Prepare for an elevated pick-up experience. The 2023 Super Duty Platinum has been spied - and Novlan Bros. anticipates this Ford platform will generate high interest from critics and drivers alike.  

According to Ford Authority, the new Super Duty Platinum had made its (unofficial) debut. This V8 model was seen driving through suburban streets, with its front heavily camouflaged. No amount of plastic could disguise the signature fender flares and striking square grille, however; and hints of a redesigned fascia peeked through the layers. Chrome detailing was glimpsed along the frame, while the side-view mirrors were capped in metal. At the rear sat a dual exhaust configuration, lending credibility to the rumour that the 6.6L PowerStroke engine would be offered. 

Most intriguing, however, was the use of black wheels. The Platinum was seen riding on 18-inch matte-coated options - which are currently available only on the exclusive Tremor Package. This has left critics wondering whether the Super Duty will boast a new standard style for 2023.

What do you think of the Platinum? Does it prove a worthy addition to the Super Duty line-up? Share your opinions with our team today - and don’t hesitate to request additional specs and financing information.
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