Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
2020 ford f350 super duty for sale alberta canadaPrepare to go further, faster, and far beyond any off-road expectation - with the 2020 F-350 delivering the exclusive Tremor Package. This Ford pick-up has been tailored for adventure, bringing Super Duty performance to Alberta. It’s time for a new kind of all-terrain experience.

According to Four Wheeler News, the 2020 F-350 yields class-shattering adaptability. Choose the Tremor Package to seek out Alberta backroads - with both the 6.7L PowerStroke turbo-diesel (475 HP and 1,050 lb.-ft of torque) and the 7.3L V8 (430 HP and 475 lb.-ft of torque) engines proving compatible with the suite. The front is anchored by heavy-duty springs and a limited slip, helping to counter rough terrain; while the rear boasts a locking differential to promote balanced cornering. An air-dam reduces drag, redirecting currents away from the body and lessening overall friction; and 35-inch tires crush pavement and dirt alike. 

Further bolstering the new F-350’s capabilities is the suspension lift - which offers an additional two inches to ensure easier water treading. This truck has been designed for the wildest (and wettest) conditions, yielding up to 81-inches of total height.

Want to learn more? Visit our dealership today to request a test-drive in one of our available 2020 F-350 models - and don’t hesitate to request additional specs about the Tremor Package.

2020 ford f30 for sale alberta canadaGodzilla is no longer king of the monsters. He’s instead reigning over the pick-up market - with Ford bringing his beastly strength to the 2020 F-350.

According to Car and Driver, the Big Blue Oval intends to redefine full-ton power - by fusing its new F-350 with an exclusive Godzilla engine. This 7.3L V8 will push past every expectation and yield exceptional results: 430 HP at 5,550 RPMs and 475 lb.-ft of torque at 4,000 RPMs. Serving as a replacement for the traditional modular block found on the F-150, it will boast both a pushrod configuration and variable-displacement piston jets. Through this, precise revs will be achieved, along with superior temperature control. A ten-speed automatic transmission will further optimize performance, with each gear tailored for heavy payloads; and this will allow commercial efforts (from Class 2 to Class 7) to succeed.

The Godzilla engine will prove the perfect complement to the F-350 - and, should rumors prove true, Car and Driver notes that a diesel design will also be available (assuring premium economy for every long haul).

Are you ready for truly monstrous capability?

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