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Ford Truck News For Alberta Canada
2020 ford f350 for sale alberta canadaLuxury now defines the full-ton market - with Ford bringing its 2020 F-350 King Ranch to Alberta. This Super Duty platform offers more than strength (though its 6.2L FlexFuel V8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission will impress). Instead it embraces sophistication, with its interior tailored for even the most discerning trend-setters. Prepare for a ride like no other.

According to Classic Cars, the new F-350 King Ranch has been meticulously crafted. Slide into its expansive interior (which boasts 43.9 inches of legroom in the front and 43.6 inches in the rear) and discover exceptional comfort. Supple leather materials define the seats, while 10-way power adjusters assure custom support. Integrated heating and cooling functions pair with dual-zone climate controls; and soft-touch materials - including premium carpeting and all-weather vinyl - line the floor. This design is complemented by an ergonomic steering wheel, which offers tilting/telescoping capabilities to more efficiently respond to driver commands. 

To further thrill Ford fans, the 2020 F-350 features a dynamic style - blending exclusive antique-affect textures with chic colour options (these include Stone Grey and Java Brown). Contrast stitching and custom embossed logos add to the look.

The 2020 F-350 King Ranch proves the ultimate full-ton upgrade. To learn more about this platform contact us today.

It’s a trick you’ve never mastered - hitching a trailer on the first (or second) try. You reverse, retreat, and start the process again. The angle is never quite right, and the receiver always seems farther than you originally measured. Making a connection proves a struggle on even the best of days.

The 2019 F-350 can change this.

To ensure that drivers can seamlessly conquer their payloads, Ford has fused this F-Series platform with Dynamic Hitch Assist - an exclusive technology that simplifies every reversal. Engage the system with the press of a button, automatically receiving real-time video feeds from the central eight-inch LCD display screen. High-definition pixels will reveal a 180-degree perspective, as well as a series of color-coded gridlines. These will showcase the most effective back-up routes, with operators able to quickly gauge distance and trajectory.

Ensure a smooth hitch connection with this F-Series system - following the projected path as you reverse. The trailer position will be highlighted, and the need for a secondary spotter will be eliminated. Ease is assured.

Dynamic Hitch Assist allows drivers to dominate every payload. To learn more about how this feature bolsters the 2019 F-350 contact our team today!

2019 ford f350 for sale alberta canadaThe trailer is long - stretching out across a driveway, stuffed to the brim with heavy cargo. You eye it speculatively, wondering how you’re meant to haul such a thing. The hitch on your mid-size pick-up surely won’t suffice.

Ford agrees - which is why it recommends upgrading your payload experience with the 2019 F-350.

According to, the new F-350 Super Duty proves ready for every demand. Anchoring its massive frame (266-inches long, 96-inches wide, and 81-inches high) is a 6.2L V8. This Flex Fuel powerpoint delivers impressive capability, generating 385 HP and 430 lb.-ft of torque. Its mid-range design enables drivers to achieve a full redline surge (5,750 RPMs) with greater speed, reducing overall friction strain; while the custom-tuned induction system enhances sequencing. The eight-cylinders are bolstered by SOHC technology, and the 9.8:1 compression ratio assures potent responses.

Mated to a heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmission, the 2019 F-350 connects operators to the payload performance they need: earning up to 21,000 pounds of traditional trailering and 32,000 pounds of goosenecking. No haul will prove too much for this platform, with its 18-inch aluminum wheels instead rolling smoothly over every mile.

In need of class-shattering strength? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the 2019 F-350 Super Duty (as well as other F-Series models, including the F-150 and F-250)!