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Over the last few years many agriculture equipment makers have been integrating technology that allows farmers to control implements from the cab. This cool new technology provides a 2-way communication that allows farmers to control bale density or alter sprayer settings from a single monitor in their cab.

A recent farm news article tested the next level in ISOBUS technology – New Holland’s IntelliCruise system. This new system will not only send information to the tractor for the farmer to act on, it will also allow the implement to control the tractor (to a certain extent). A T7 tractor with Bigbaler 340 was tested at the demonstration, and the operator sped up as the windrow thinned out. As the thicker portion of the windrow started feeding into the baler, the tractor instantly slowed down based on the baler’s feedback.

To an experienced operator, this may not sound like groundbreaking technology. However, with the shortage of skilled operators and laborers in the farming industry, this Not only that, but the machine can respond to changes faster than a human.

This is fairly new technology for New Holland and they are still working on finalization. What do you think of this innovation? Would you try it on your farm?

The 2015 haying season is ramping up, and farmers are looking for a product they can trust to get the most hay from their acres as efficiently as possible.

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