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Renovations Begin at Novlan Bros

(Posted on Oct 27, 2016 at 02:59PM )

It seems like it was yesterday that the Novlan Bros team threw the big grand opening party celebrating the big move from Main Street East to 1st Ave and Highway 3. It's hard to believe that almost 20 years have gone by since then!! Even though our spacious new building was ahead of its time style wise in the mid 90’s, our time has now come to do some renovations to freshen it up and bring it into the 2016’s. 

First order of business – changing out the siding on the exterior of the building. The guys at Miners Construction made quick work of removing the old (not so) white stucco siding and trim from the exterior fascia.

Once the siding was removed, work began on the interior of the building. The entire automotive and agriculture sales staff had to move out of their offices to make way for the showroom renovation. In the picture below you can see that the cubicles have been removed and the ceiling torn down, and work will soon begin to remove the flooring tile. When completed, these offices will all be reconfigured.
A temporary wall has been placed to separate the showroom renovations from the rest of the offices.
Although we tried to time these renovations during the colder seasons when things are typically a bit slower, we still understand that things are a bit more cramped than usual, both inside and out. Thank you to our amazing staff and customers for being so patient during this time. We look forward to things being back to normal soon!

New Holland Agriculture - At the Forefront of Sustainable Farming

(Posted on Jun 1, 2015 at 02:47PM )

Your sustainable farming partner
Since 2006, New Holland is established as the Clean Energy Leader for its active promotion and development of renewable fuels, emissions reduction systems and sustainable agricultural technology. New Holland offers the farmers of today and tomorrow the widest choice of accessible solutions that improve efficiency and productivity, whilst respecting the environment. Rooted in the belief that farmers can use technology to help them reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, the New Holland Clean Energy Leader® strategy is based on four key pillars Growing Energy, Efficient Productivity, Sustainable Farming and being a Committed Company.
Growing Energy
Fields of energy
We are all familiar with growing oilseed rape and sunflowers for biodiesel, or in even simpler terms, for energy. But how about transforming sugar beet and sugarcane into bioethanol, or unlocking the energy potential inside wheat or maize to power your farm? Short rotation coppice and grasses such as miscanthus are also packed full of energy waiting to be released. How about rejuvenating sugarcane stover or even old straw bales to produce energy? New Holland is also at the forefront of research to create a methane/ hydrogen hybrid tractor, as an intermediate step until 100% hydrogen powered machines are available. Moreover, methane powered tractors produce up to 80% lower emissions than their conventional diesel counterparts. What's more, methane can be produced on the farm, derived from biomass production. New Holland’s advanced and efficient products will support you with production and handling in this virtuous, carbon neutral energy production cycle.
Efficient Productivity
More productive farming. More efficient farming
Want to consign the age-old trade-off between environmentally friendly farming and productive agriculture to the history books? Then choose New Holland. If you are looking for tractors and harvesting products that are more productive whilst consuming less fuel, choose New Holland. If you want to reap the benefits of precision guidance which keeps your environmental credentials and productivity on track, choose New Holland. If you want productivity boosting features such as SuperSteer™ front axles, Auto Command™ continuously variable transmissions or IntelliCruise™ technology, choose New Holland. Or if you simply want to tread a little more lightly on the land where you farm, choose New Holland.
Sustainable Farming
Sustainable farming. Enhanced profits
The world’s rapidly expanding population means that farmers are under intense pressure to produce more to feed an ever growing number of hungry mouths. However, if you want to continue to keep productivity rates sky-high then it is important that the environment is kept in top condition to support you. By reducing the impact of farming on the agricultural environment, you ensure that it stays healthier for longer, and your children and their children will be able to farm the same land just as efficiently. Want more? Use advanced tools to calculate the impact your farm has and find ways to reduce it.
Committed Company
At the forefront of sustainable farming
The Clean Energy Leader® strategy influences every decision we take here at New Holland. It might be termed walking the talk or even leading by example, but what it really means is that we have put the Clean Energy Leader programme at the heart of our business, and it characterises what we do every day. From giving used parts a second lease of life, right through to reducing the environmental impact of our production, we are committed to safeguarding our planet to ensure that you can keep reaping the rewards of your hard work.