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2020 ford super duty for sale alberta canadaSharp turns, muddy straightaways, sudden backroad rises - the terrains are ever-changing. Conquering them, therefore, requires more than V8 power. Instead custom capability is needed, with an engine seamlessly responding to each demand.  

We suggest pairing your adventures with the 2020 Ford Super Duty.

This fleet of class-leading pick-ups - which includes the F-250, F-350, and F-450 - proves ready for any challenge, boasting a dynamic selectable drive-mode system. Ford ensures that operators can quickly adapt to their surroundings, utilizing five distinct performance ratios. 

Tow/Haul: this setting delivers higher upshifts, with engine speeds increased to reduce transmission strain and improve sequencing.  

Snow/Sand: driveline configurations are optimized and traction control is enhanced when this setting is activated. This affords faster pedal responses, as well as smoother performance.

Slippery: this mode greatly increases braking responses, ensuring that slick surfaces can be navigated with ease.

Eco: a quick calibration is made, dropping the redline and reducing power ratios. This enables the engine to conserve fuel (a particularly useful feature when traveling far from the convenience of the highway).

Normal: this is the baseline setting and serves as the perfect balance between power, traction, and fuel ratios - allowing the engine to perform at optimal levels.

These five drive-modes provide precise control with every adventure, enabling Super Duty operators to effortlessly respond to changing terrains and weather conditions. To learn more about them contact us today.