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all electric ford f150 for sale alberta canadaEV fans, rejoice: the first rendering of the all-electric F-150 has arrived… and it promises next-gen style for the Alberta highways. 

In 2019 Ford shook the automotive world, announcing its intention to create an electric F-150. This pick-up, the Big Blue Oval declared, would redefine lithium-ion performance; and it would provide drivers with unprecedented capability.

It should also provide a striking design.

Inside EV recently published a rendering of what the new F-150 may look like - and we have our fingers crossed that this image will prove true. An air dam will anchor the platform, delivering drag-resistance and sleek style; while the suspension will be lowered to create a more muscular profile. It’s rumored that the dual tow hooks will be removed from the front to ensure a streamlined look, and the handles will slot neatly against the door (expect body-colored detailing and an inset shape). 

What will truly delight F-150 fans, however, will be the revised grille - which will feature a single-panel design. Flanked by LED headlamps and metallic trim, this carbon fiber slab will bring a runway sensibility to the electric market.

Are you ready to be impressed, Alberta?

To learn more about the electric F-150 - including further specs and production dates - contact our team today.