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Don’t enter the woods. Every fairy tale, fable, and cautionary fiction warns this - emphasizing the dangers of becoming hopelessly lost, wondering forever down dark trails and lonely miles.

Ford thinks each path deserves exploration, however, and it’s writing its own adventure story - introducing Alberta drivers to the exclusive Breadcrumbs feature. Off-road fun will never be the same.

According to The Drive, Ford is redefining the Go Further philosophy - pairing its 2020 Ranger with the new Breadcrumbs system. This GPS-based function allows operators to more efficiently navigate unfamiliar territory, syncing immediately with the eight-inch LCD display screen and generating a 3D map of the terrain. Individual markers are placed along the path, highlighting where the truck has been (including detailed coordinates and distance notations). This assures easier adventuring, eliminating the chance of becoming lost by keeping track of every single movement. 

By utilizing the Ranger’s Breadcrumbs feature, drivers can effortlessly identify where they have been - and, should they need to retrace their steps when the terrain becomes too unsteady, a simple press of a button will yield instant satellite clarity. No road will prove too unwieldy for this 2.3L pick-up.

Curious about the 2020 Ranger and its available Breadcrumbs system? Contact our team today to request further information!