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The year is drawing to an end - and Alberta critics are celebrating with a series of spec sheets and confetti-covered patents. They know that Santa will soon bring them an all-electric F-150, and the promise of new power has them thrilled.

We understand why.

According to Car and Driver, the Big Blue Oval has just unveiled exclusive patent plans for its 2021 F-150. This EV platform (which is rumored to feature an enhanced lithium-ion battery system capable of immense power, as showcased in the video below) will redefine the pick-up market, bringing class-leading economy and an exciting new trunk design. 


As Car and Driver explains, the 2021 F-150 will boast a front-mounted trunk. Simply open the grille and access an integrated cargo bay, which will offer two removable bins and a vinyl floor. LED lighting will line the walls, affording full visibility (even at night); and the wide mouth will enable operators to quickly stow tools, tow hooks, and other items. This unique feature promises easy storage for work or play.

It also further emphasizes the value of the all-electric F-150. Ford is engineering this truck to improve the highway experience - bolstering every detail with driver-focused design. Now the already impressive payload capabilities (up to 2,309 pounds) can be pushed to segment-shattering ratios.

Are you ready?

To learn more about the 2021 F-150 and its front-mounted trunk contact our team today.