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new ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaWith each year comes innovations. Automotive engineers fuse their platforms with the latest in performance technology - ensuring that every coupe, convertible, and pick-up connects consumers to the upgrades they deserve. A recent J.D. Power assessment, however, proves that a new-school mentality isn’t always a substitute for old-school reliability.

During an exhaustive comparison of the top pick-up brands - in which all mid-size and full-size trucks were ranked for their dependability - J.D. Power discovered that the 2014 F-150 and the 2014 F-Series Super Duty were among the nation’s best. This came as a surprise to every pick-up fan. After all, how could these older models match today’s market standards?

The answer is found in their design. J.D. Power notes that both the F-150 and the Super Duty are powerfully made - boasting options like turbocharged engines, extended cabins, and best-in-class capabilities (up to 24,700 pounds for fifth-wheel towing and up to 18,500 pounds for conventional towing). These platforms were engineered to work hard, effortlessly enduring North America’s challenging terrains. They represent both a critical and commercial high-point for Ford.

Want to see why? Come to our lot today and test-drive our available F-150 and F-Series models. Discover the value of peerless power and meticulous construction.