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new ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaPower remains the cornerstone of the Ford F-150. With each generation comes staggering capabilities - with every payload increased and every long-haul extended. This truck is meant to perform.

That performance will soon expand beyond all expectations.

According to Torque News, Ford is mulling a new engine for its 2020 F-150. A 4.8L V8 powertrain is now being considered, with the brand wishing to revitalize its signature truck. By delivering a new V8, it could achieve improved strength, with critics estimating HP ratios of more than 400 and torque ratios of more than 390 lb.-ft. This would ensure best-in-class results with every mile.

It would also ensure best-in-class economy. Rumors swirl that the 4.8L platform will also feature EcoBoost technology. This will allow the 2020 F-150 to continue its trek toward efficiency, with Ford emphasizing reduced fuel demands to compete with mid-size models.

We’ll admit: we’re excited. Even though this F-150 future proves distant, we’ve already got our eyes on the horizon - searching for the first hint of a new V8.

To learn more about the Ford F-150 (as well as other F-Series models) contact us today.
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