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ford f series dealer saskatchewan canadaIn 1948 Ford launched the F-Series - a line of half-ton powerhouses that delivered Flathead V8 performance, five-speed transmission, and integrated headlamps (design elements that, at the time, proved rare). These trucks were engineered for North America’s working-class.

They were also engineered for success.

According to CarBuzz, the F-Series is the most profitable automotive line - generating approximately 2,605 sales per day and earning Ford a staggering $13,000 per unit. When tallied for the week, these trucks provide the company with $237,055,000.

The numbers are staggering... and they showcase the F-Series’ popularity, with only the Toyota Corolla selling more individual models (though, CarBuzz is quick to note that these sales don’t generate half the value of the F-150, F-250, and more). North Americans purchase one of these trucks every 41.8 seconds. That ensures the greatest profit margin in automotive history.

We’re not surprised. The F-Series has proven itself through best-in-class towing, best-in-class payloads, and countless tech innovations. It’s the ultimate pick-up line.

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