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ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaFew marques prove as iconic as the F-Series. Since 1948 this Ford line-up has delivered best-in-class value to drivers, combining V8 performance with enhanced payloads. It’s served as both a light-duty and heavy-duty platform, and its adaptability proves perfect for work or play.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the F-Series has ranked as North America’s best-selling pick-up line for the past 34 years.

It’s also no surprise that 2016 will continue this milestone.

According to Nasdaq, the F-Series recently experienced strong sales - rising a staggering 10% in February and pushing the brand to the top of the charts. This counters traditional totals, with winter often limiting overall units. Fair weather and strong incentive programs, however, have allowed Ford to succeed.

Adding to this success is the brand’s SUV line (which includes the perpetually-popular Edge and Escape). These sales rose 28% during February, further emphasizing Ford’s appeal to Canada and the United States.

2016 seems destined to be a spectacular year.

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