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ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaIn the wake of the Volkswagen scandal - in which the company falsified diesel emission reports and deliberately misled consumers about the extent of their carbon footprints - trust seems impossible. Drivers stare warily at supposedly economical cars, wondering if they too will be revealed as frauds.

Ford wants to redefine public opinion. This is why it’s bringing a diesel platform to its beloved F-150... and rumors suggest that it will deliver incredible performance.

According to Green Car Reports, the diesel F-150 (which was recently spotted in Michigan) will offer a 3.0L V6 engine - comparable to the one used on the Ranger Rover Sport. More importantly, however, it will also feature a rear-wheel HFE drivetrain. This will enhance overall efficiency, generating more than 24 MPGs and promoting steadier accelerations. 

This would provide drivers with best-in-class economy, allowing them to enhance every mile. It would also help to restore confidence in the diesel engine - with the F-150 undoing the damage caused by Volkswagen.

What do you think about this latest Ford innovation? Are you as excited as we are? Share your thoughts!
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