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Few numbers prove as elusive as 200,000. This mileage milestone is rarely achieved, with many cars rattling themselves to the junk-yard before they get the chance. Their engines falter; their chassis rust; and their wires all fray. It seems impossible to cross that finish line.

One proud Ford owner - known on YouTube as ApplesMauce - did just that, however. Watch below as he takes his F-150 to the 200,000 mark!

The F-150 is a premier pickup. It’s no surprise, therefore, that it was able to survive 200,000 miles of backroads, highways, and forgotten trails. It’s engineered for endurance, serving as Ford’s most tested vehicle. Each generation receives a series of brutal simulations (including salt sprays, acidic sprays, and arctic temperatures) to push the truck to the utmost limit.

For ApplesMauce, that limit no longer includes the 200,000 milestone.

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