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The F-150 is many things - powerful, dependable, durable. Few, however, have deemed it aerodynamic. Its signature box shape is more suited to backroad towing than efficiency.

In its quest for superior economy, however, Ford has recently redefined its signature pick-up, bringing precision to every line. The air curtain has arrived.

According to Gas 2, Ford will soon fuse the F-150 with an air curtain (a specialized vent beneath the headlamps that redistributes wind flow). This design will decrease overall drag, allowing the truck to sustain best-in-class mileage ratings of 19 city MPG and 26 highway MPG. This, when combined with aluminum framing and an EcoBoost engine, ensures enhanced fuel results.

It also ensures that drivers receive more than power from their pick-ups - with a fluid platform promising fewer stops at the pump. Save time, save money, save patience.

To learn more about the air curtain visit Ford’s official site.

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