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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
A red 2022 Ford F-150 Limited driving down a wooded road during the daytime, with a large hill in the background.Fear the unknown no longer. Ford has unveiled its 2022 F-150 Limited, delivering class-shattering safety to Saskatchewan. Available for this trim is the Assist 2.0 suite, which fuses next-gen capability with automated ease. 

Anchoring the new F-150 fleet is the Ford Co-Pilot360 system. Offered since 2018, this revolutionary digital suite pairs lane-keeping assistance with automatic emergency braking, delivering comprehensive protection to drivers. It seamlessly navigates all challenges, utilizing Forward Collision radar technology to assess potential dangers. 

The 2022 F-150 Limited elevates this system even further, however - adding the available Assist 2.0. Serving as a perfect complement to the Ford Co-Pilot360’s standard features, this suite boasts Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control - which regulates speed, trajectory, and stoppage by observing surrounding traffic patterns. Performance is tempered as vehicles slow or drift ahead of the truck, and the distance between bumpers is carefully monitored. This allows drivers to confidently manoeuvre through any situation, with pedal responses tailored for safety. Trust the precision of radar cameras with every rev. 

The inclusion of Assist 2.0 promises a peerless highway experience - with the 2022 F-150 Limited able to smoothly adapt to every obstacle. For further information about this Ford technology contact Novlan Bros today.
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