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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
ford f150 saskatchewan canadaWhat’s that sound? Could it be the roar of a 600 HP Coyote engine? Is it the slap of Mickey Thompson Baja tires against the pavement?


According to AutoBlog, Ford and ROUSH Racing have recently partnered - transforming the 2016 F-150 into a true aluminum beast. The pick-up now boasts a 5.0L V6 engine and R23000 Eaton TVS supercharger, allowing it to achieve 600 HP and 557 lb.-ft of torque. These numbers prove staggering, nearly doubling the model’s current performance capabilities.

To further enhance the platform, ROUSH also fused the F-150 with a sport-tuned Fox suspension system. This will allow it to push through every environment, ensuring all-terrain adaptability. It's now perfect for work or play.

With the release of the 2016 F-150 Ford connected drivers to best-in-class towing (10,400 pounds) and surprising efficiency (26 miles-per-gallon on the highway). Through its alliance with ROUSH, however, the brand is now delivering unprecedented performance - and we can’t wait to slip behind the wheel!

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ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaWith the release of the 2016 F-150, Ford propelled itself to the forefront of innovation - connecting drivers to aluminum construction, the class-exclusive BoxLink, and CNG engine capabilities. This pick-up promised power and efficiency, and it quickly raced to the top of the charts.

It may soon face a new contender for the truck throne, however - the 2018 F-150.

According to AutoBlog, Ford is testing its 2018 F-150. This pick-up (which is rumored to feature an economical 3.0L V6 engine, capable of generating 254 HP and 443 lb.-ft of torque) was recently spotted in the United States, wearing considerably less camouflage than previous prototypes. This afforded views of its new grille, enhanced fenders, and recessed headlamps; and critics are already complimenting the redefined fascia. 

What do you think of the 2018 F-150? The Novlan team appreciates the striking lines, knowing they contain what promises to be one of Ford’s most efficient pick-ups ever.

The 2018 F-150 currently has no official production date. We anticipate an early spring arrival, however, next year and look forward to seeing it on the Saskatchewan roads.

To learn more about this and other F-Series models contact us today!

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaFor more than thirty years the Ford F-150 has dominated North America, delivering best-in-class performance and power. It’s become a commercial staple, adapting to even the most rigorous work conditions. No payload proves too strong.

And now no country proves too distant.

According to AutoBlog, Ford will soon send its signature pick-up across the globe - to China. Recent economic surges have bolstered the foreign market, with performance vehicles (such as the Mustang and Fiesta ST) earning strong sales. Consumers are craving quick speeds and responsive platforms, and the F-150 should serve as an ideal complement to the recent automotive shift.

It should also make a powerful statement. In an interview with AutoBlog, Henry Ford III remarked: “It’s big and brash and uniquely American.” This will leave it few competitors in China, where compact models have (until now) dominated. The F-150 will redefine the roads and the sales charts alike.

Should the F-Series launch in China become a success, Ford intends to push its F-150 even further - with Nasdaq reporting more than 90 potential new locations. This will introduce the world to V6 performance and staggering payloads.

We can’t wait!

To learn more about the F-150 contact us today.

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaWith the release of the 2016 F-150 Ford has gained much acclaim - impressing critics and drivers alike with best-in-class power (385 HP and 387 lb.-ft of torque) and exceptional payload capacities (8,500-pounds). It’s a premier pick-up, delivering enhanced performance with every mile.

It also delivers safety. According to KFOR, the 2016 F-150 has just earned recognition from the Institute for Highway Safety - achieving the coveted Top Pick award!

After facing a series of trials (including frontal collisions, side impact collisions, and rollovers), the 2016 F-150 emerged as the year’s best pick-up. It received the Institute’s highest rating - four stars - and was noted for its superior crash responses. These responses proved considerably more favorable than those generated by Ford’s competitors, such as the Toyota Tundra or Chevrolet Silverado. These models were only noted as “acceptable”.

The 2016 F-150 offers exceptional safety, connecting drivers to: AdvanceTrac stability, SafetyCanopy airbags, Curve Control technology, Cross-Traffic alerts, and BLIS monitoring. This ensures superior responses on the road and helps to mitigate collisions, crashes, and more.

To learn more about the 2016 F-150 contact us today!
ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaThe venerable F-Series has consistently delivers power, performance, and prestige. With the launch of the 2017 F-150, however, it will also deliver efficiency. A hybrid drivetrain is on the way!

According to Gas2 (a leading green-themed publication), the hybrid 2017 F-150 was recently spotted on the streets of Michigan. This pick-up - with its fascia obscured, leading to many speculations about a new grille and custom badging - promises improved economy, fusing the F-Series with a PHEV platform.

No official announcement has been made regarding the F-150’s mileage rate. Torque News reports, however, that the test-model shifted to its electric mode while traveling 35 miles-per-hour and the quiet engine response suggested diesel performance. This should improve upon the current generation’s 26 MPG (Highway).

With the release of a hybrid F-150, Ford is transforming the pick-up market. No longer will boisterous, fuel-guzzling trucks define urban areas. Economy should instead reign.

We can’t wait!

To learn more about the 2017 F-150 - as well as other F-Series options, including the F-250 and the F-350 - contact us today.

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaConsumers crave innovation - wanting to discover new ideas and exciting experiences, trying always to find proof of progress. They embrace a bigger, better, best philosophy; and they expect their favorite brands to so the same.

Ford recognizes the need for change, wanting to keep pace with driver demands. This is why it recently revealed a series of upgrades for its signature truck: the F-150 Lariat.

According to Auto Spies, Ford has redefined the 2016 F-150 Lariat with an exclusive Sport Package. This fuses the pick-up with a variety of style updates, including:

Red and Black Panel Piping.
Custom Badges.
20-Inch Dark Aluminum Wheels.
Smoked Headlamps.
Red Fabric Trims.
Red Grille Accents.
Alcantara Seat Inserts.
... and more!

Through these striking design options, Ford enhances the Lariat’s appeal - giving it a sporty look for 2016 and further showcasing its military-grade aluminum construction. Drivers can still trust in the truck’s performance, however. This F-150 variant boasts 325 HP and up to 7,850-pounds of towing, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to every road.

Some things shouldn't change, after all.

What do you think about the Lariat’s new Sport Package? Share your thoughts with us today!
ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaIn 1975 Ford offered drivers a new experience - one of power, performance, and accelerated strength. The F-150 had arrived and with it came the promise of work-force domination, with the F-Series able to accommodate every towing and payload demand. This was the ultimate half-ton option.

Times haven’t changed that much.

With the release of the 2016 F-150, Ford proves its dedication to consumer needs - offering a series of high-performance innovations (such as EcoBoost technology, military-grade aluminum, an electronic locking rear differential, and the class-exclusive BoxLink). These elements combine for best-in-class towing and a more effective ride.

Every 2016 F-150 advancement, however, owes considerable thanks to the platforms that came before it - such as the 1986 F-150, which (as the Automoblog infograph shows) offered some premium power:

A 5.0L 302 V8 Engine.
A 4-Speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission.
185 HP
270 lb.-ft of Torque
A Twin Traction Suspension System.
A 1,500-pound Payload Capacity.
A 7,500-pound Towing Capacity.

The 1986 F-150 delivered exceptional performance - and it helped to develop the innovations that would later arrive. Ford took its own designs to the next level, bringing drivers the results they need.

To learn more about classic F-150 models contact us today.

ford f series dealer saskatchewan canadaIn 1948 Ford launched the F-Series - a line of half-ton powerhouses that delivered Flathead V8 performance, five-speed transmission, and integrated headlamps (design elements that, at the time, proved rare). These trucks were engineered for North America’s working-class.

They were also engineered for success.

According to CarBuzz, the F-Series is the most profitable automotive line - generating approximately 2,605 sales per day and earning Ford a staggering $13,000 per unit. When tallied for the week, these trucks provide the company with $237,055,000.

The numbers are staggering... and they showcase the F-Series’ popularity, with only the Toyota Corolla selling more individual models (though, CarBuzz is quick to note that these sales don’t generate half the value of the F-150, F-250, and more). North Americans purchase one of these trucks every 41.8 seconds. That ensures the greatest profit margin in automotive history.

We’re not surprised. The F-Series has proven itself through best-in-class towing, best-in-class payloads, and countless tech innovations. It’s the ultimate pick-up line.

To learn more about the F-Series contact us today!

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaFew marques prove as iconic as the F-Series. Since 1948 this Ford line-up has delivered best-in-class value to drivers, combining V8 performance with enhanced payloads. It’s served as both a light-duty and heavy-duty platform, and its adaptability proves perfect for work or play.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the F-Series has ranked as North America’s best-selling pick-up line for the past 34 years.

It’s also no surprise that 2016 will continue this milestone.

According to Nasdaq, the F-Series recently experienced strong sales - rising a staggering 10% in February and pushing the brand to the top of the charts. This counters traditional totals, with winter often limiting overall units. Fair weather and strong incentive programs, however, have allowed Ford to succeed.

Adding to this success is the brand’s SUV line (which includes the perpetually-popular Edge and Escape). These sales rose 28% during February, further emphasizing Ford’s appeal to Canada and the United States.

2016 seems destined to be a spectacular year.

To learn more about the F-Series (or the SUV line-up) contact us today.

ford f150 dealer saskatchewan canadaGood things do indeed come to those who wait. Never has this adage been more perfectly proven -  because the impending release of the Ford F-150 Raptor promises exceptional performance for drivers.

According to Torque News, Ford recently invested $145 million into its Raptor platform. The reason for this investment was an engine transformation, with the company redefining F-150 power. Instead of the traditional V8 behemoth, it chose to fuse the truck with a twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost.

This decision was originally met with much confusion. Critics assumed that drivers wouldn’t accept - or appreciate - a powertrain change. The V6 EcoBoost, however, has recently gained considerable favor with North Americans, helping to fuel most of the Ford line and delivering enhanced economy. Its precision makes it an obvious choice for off-roading.

Its performance will also impress. Though no official numbers have been released, many believe that the 2017 Raptor will generate (at least) 450 HP. This is a staggering upgrade from the V8’s previous 411 HP.

The Novlan team can admit that we’re excited - what about you?

To learn more about the Ford F-150 Raptor contact us today!
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