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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
new 2018 ford f350 for sale alberta canadaThe payload demands are many; the cargo boxes prove endless; and you scowl at your pick-up’s sagging frame, knowing that it can’t accommodate another pound. It’s overwhelmed by this summer haul, leaving you without the trailering performance you need.

Perhaps it’s time for a half-ton upgrade?

According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2018 F-350 proves North America's trailering champion - with its massive frame (266.2-inches in length, 80.0-inches in width, and 81.3-inches in height) and potent engine (6.2L V8) adapting to every load. This Ford pick-up yields up to 21,000 pounds of conventional towing; and its payload capacity reaches 6,950 pounds. There is no haul too great for it to conquer.

How does the F-350 achieve such impressive performance? The Kelley Blue Book team credits its powertrain - which generates 450 HP (at 2,800 RPMs) and 935 lb.-ft of torque (at 1,800 RPMs). The low redline ensures quick acceleration, while electronic on-the-fly technology bolsters the transfer case (automatically identifying the most efficient drive-mode setting). A six-speed automatic transmission has been tuned for heavy-duty efforts, offering Progressive Range Select software to eliminate down-shifting; and a Tow/Haul mode controls traction distribution to maximize balance on every incline.

These systems work in tandem to maintain class-leading capability - branding the 2018 F-350 the perfect pick-up for Alberta drivers. To learn more contact our team today!

Rejoice, Alberta business owners! The Vincentric Award winners have just been announced - and the 2018 F-350 Super Duty is among the winners.

According to For Construction Pros, the Vincentric Awards (which showcase the most capable platforms for both light and heavy duty work) have revealed North America’s best fleet vehicles - celebrating power, performance, and payload capability. The 2018 F-350 was among the honorees, earning recognition as the Best Full-Ton Truck.

We’re not surprised.

The new F-350 has been tailored for the commercial market. Beneath its hood growls a 6.7L PowerStroke turbo diesel engine - which yields 450 HP and 935 lb.-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission promises smooth control, while integrated drive-modes (including Sport, Eco, and Tow/Haul) deliver custom traction ratios. The fully-boxed steel frame sits on oversized axles that have boast a 24% torsion increase; while electronic stability and control technology counters under-steerage with gyroscopic precession.

The result is a class-leading pick-up - with the 2018 F-350 boasting up to 21,000 pounds of conventional trailering, up to 34,000 pounds of gooseneck trailering, and up to 7,630 pounds of payload hauling. No other platform proves this powerful.

To learn more about the commercial value of the F-350 contact our team today!

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