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ford f150 bojix 2016 semaThere’s a rumble down the road. It comes with steady power, cracking the pavement and shaking the ground. Those heading to the 2016 SEMA show all turn, awe-struck by the shadow that’s rolling ever-closer. It’s massive; it’s ferocious; it’s... a Ford F-150.

Ford is bringing a fleet of F-Series models to the 2016 SEMA show, with its line-up stuffed with supercharged power and V6 performance. Among the many custom pick-ups will be the Bojix... and the Novlan team desperately wishes we were in Las Vegas to see it.

Torque News reports that Ford’s custom Bojix F-150 will makes it debut at SEMA. This pick-up promises exceptional power, delivering a robust 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. Through its twin-turbocharged platform - which pairs an advanced intercooler, a new exhaust system, and a Full Race intake system - it should generate up to 375 HP and 470 lb.-ft of torque. This would allow the truck to compete with every heavy-duty model, providing all-terrain capabilities for North America.

We’ll admit: we’re in awe. The Bojix F-150 combines all of the F-Series’ signature traits, creating a pick-up that impresses with every mile.

What do you think about this F-150 variant? Do you want to see Ford release it to the public or do you think it's just too much for the highway to handle? Share your thoughts with us today!

new ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaNovember is fast approaching - and it’s bringing SEMA with it. From the 1st to the 4th, automotive devotees will descend upon Las Vegas (the mecca of chrome). There they’ll discover high-throttle powerhouses, with engineers introducing their latest V8 platforms and sport-tuned systems.

Some of those systems will bear the F-150 name.

According to AutoBlog, the F-Series is coming to SEMA. Ford will soon debut four new F-150 variants - each promising custom performance and staggering power:

The Bojix Design F-150 SuperCrew.
The A.R.E. Accessories F-150 SuperCrew.
The BMX F-15 Lariat SuperCrew.
The EraThr3 F-150 SuperCrew.
These platforms have been carefully designed, with Ford emphasizing best-in-class responses with every mile. This has yielded supercharged innovations, blending Whipple add-ons with V8 engines to achieve more than 750 HP (the signature Mustang, by comparison, delivers only 670 HP).

SEMA stands as the world’s premier automotive event, connecting critics and consumers to the latest engine advancements. Ford’s F-150 fleet will, therefore, prove an ideal addition to the November show (and so will its other 46 vehicles, which will include variants of the Focus, Fusion, and Mustang).

Are you going to Las Vegas? The Novlan team will join you!

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