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new 2020 ford f250 for sale alberta canadaExpectations are meant to be defied - which is why Ford is fusing its 2020 F-250 Lariat with far more than the anticipated power. While drivers will still thrill with each push of the 6.2L V8, they will find themselves even more enchanted by the redesigned interior. This pick-up has been tailored for everyday comfort, delivering a collection of premium materials and ergonomic details. 

As the Boston Herald explains, the 2020 F-250 Lariat proves a perfect counter to even the roughest roads, emphasizing passenger comfort with each mile. Slide into its expansive cabin - boasting 43.9-inches of leg room in the front and 43.6-inches in the rear - and discover leather-lined seating. 10-way power adjusters bolster the cushions, while optional heating and cooling technologies deliver multi-level support. Integrated memory technology provides custom alignments, and the inclusion of the Easy Entry/Exit feature (which automatically slides chairs to optimal positions, thereby allowing individuals to quickly slip in or out of the truck) impresses. 

To ensure further rider convenience, Ford pairs the 2020 F-250 Lariat with ample technology - offering dual powerpoints in both the instrument panel and the flow-through console. A dash-mounted 100-V outlet syncs to any device, while an eight-inch productivity screen streams all content in brilliant LCD colors. Keep track of every download on the backroads. 

Curious about the new F-250 and its passenger-centric design? Contact our team today to learn more!