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It’s a common frustration - with full-ton drivers watching the fuel gauge, their eyes narrowed and their mouths tight. Economy proves impossible to achieve on the highway; and dollars are lost at the pump.

Ford will now change this.

As explains, the 2019 F-250 has been engineered for efficiency - with its real-world results finally measured. The team took this platform on a 200-mile journey across Michigan, pitting its V8 engine against rolling hills and city streets alike; and the result was a 15.8 MPG average.

Are you as thrilled as we are?

How does Ford achieve such high numbers? The 2019 F-250’s advanced engine suite must be credited. This V8 block blends an exclusive Flex Fuel design (which customizes resource levels, based upon the demands of the power-band, and improves overall distribution) with a six-speed automatic transmission (which greatly lessens the effects of downshifting). The result is a seamless sequence, with the truck tailored for long-haul responses.

No longer suffer at the pump, Alberta.

To learn more about the 2019 F-250 - or to schedule a test-drive in one of our currently available models - contact our team today.