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new 2018 ford f150 for sale alberta canadaWith the release of the 2018 F-150 Raptor Ford embraced more than power. Instead safety proved the driving force of every decision - with the brand determined to redefine the back-road experience. No longer would rough trails undermine passenger protection.

As AutomobileMag explains, the new Raptor isn’t just a twin-turbo performer. Safety instead defines every mile, with Ford fusing this platform with the exclusive Technology Package. High-beams anchor the front, yielding halogen clarity and increased visibility; while automatic wipers respond to changing moisture levels in the air, ensuring a drop-free windshield. Adaptive cruise software regulates acceleration, instantly engaging the ABS system if its bumper-mounted sensors detect an approaching obstacle; and lane-departure warnings notify drivers of sudden misalignments, assessing trajectory and passing road markers in real-time.

This function is then paired with Ford’s lane-keeping tech - which will smoothly activate the column, guiding the truck back to the proper road position. Speed is decreased; all-wheel braking is applied; and the result is a seamless pitch change, with drivers maneuvered away from potential harm.

These features ensure that the 2018 F-150 Raptor delivers premium security on every trail - promoting peace-of-mind with each mile. To learn more contact us today!