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2020 ford f150 hybrid for sale alberta canadaAcross North America half-ton fans are staring toward the horizon - searching for the first hint of hybrid performance. Ford, they know, will soon unveil its EV-inspired F-150; and anticipation and anxiety battle for supremacy. What will this new pick-up offer? Will it prove a viable option for the commercial market?

Details remain - frustratingly - scarce about the new F-150; but the Novlan team is thrilled to share few specs we’ve gleaned. We hope they’ll satisfy our customers’ curiosity… for now.

Production Date

The F-150 Hybrid should arrive by 2020. Production is expected to begin in the late spring, with a full North American debut scheduled for the early fall. 


Despite its hybrid label, this F-Series model will still boast aluminum paneling - with Ford determined to maintain class-leading strength. The material will be infused with steel beams to promote durability (and its lightweight design will further reduce engine strain, shedding up to 500 pounds from the chassis).

Outlet Availability

While the F-150 will feature a series of external ports, it will not be classified as an EV. These outlets won’t be for plug-in connections but will instead serve as convenient options for powering tools, tablets, and other work items.

What do you think, Alberta? Do these details impress? Share your opinions with us today!