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The end of May has come - and the automotive market is greeting it with a celebration. The start of this month proved poor, with a fire ripping through Ford factories and damaging countless F-150 models. Lariats and Limiteds alike were reduced to ash; and many feared that the Big Blue Oval wouldn’t be able to recover from such a loss. Its inventory had been gutted.

Never underestimate the power of the F-Series, however - because Ford has just announced that it’s ready to resume production on the F-150!


According to CNN, Ford is already revving up its assembly lines. Despite mere weeks passing since the terrible fire struck its Michigan and Missouri plants (the two largest in North America), the brand is accelerating its production schedule - bringing 19 new dies in to accommodate the demand. Its engineers and clean-up crews have worked in seamless tandem to sweep away the debris, and the result is state-of-the-art capability.

This, CNN explains, should prove crucial to critics - all who feared that an F-Series shortage was imminent. It was reported that Ford had a mere 84 days of F-150s in stock, and a sales loss seemed impossible to avoid. With the expedited repairs of its production plants, however, this fate has been thwarted… and drivers across North America are cheering.

We don’t blame them. The 2018 F-150 reigns as the best-selling vehicle in Canada and the United States - yielding exceptional power (up to 450 HP), strong economy (up to 26 MPGs on the highway), and impressive payloads (up to 2,311 pounds). Its long cab (which measures between 66-inches to 96-inches) accommodates every haul with ease; and its available 10-speed automatic transmission provides nimble handling on every backroad.

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