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More than a year has passed since Ford unleashed its 2017 F-250 on the streets - but time hasn’t compromised this Super Duty platform. Despite the endless half-ton newcomers, this pick-up remains just as viable as it did upon its release.

According to Motor Authority, the 2017 F-250 was recently taken for a week-long journey through the crowded lanes of Chicago. While this seems an unlikely place to find such a mammoth truck, critics were quick to note that this Ford model proved perfect for the plunging Illinois' temperatures and slick downtown pavement. Anchored by a 6.7L PowerStroke V8, it generated 440 HP and 925 lb.-ft of torque - allowing it to effortlessly push through the snow. A six-speed automatic transmission yielded deft handling, quickly delivering the perfect gear ratios for wet terrains; while adaptive electric-assisted steering ensured tight turn radiuses (23.8-feet).

Despite its hefty frame - which measured 266-inches long, 80-inches wide, and 82-inches high - the 2017 F-250 deftly navigated every Chicago neighborhood; and the Motor Authority team found that its stiff aluminum frame proved particularly valuable on the highway, delivering a refined ride with every rev.

This is the ultimate city pick-up.

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