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new 2017ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaWithin the Ford headquarters is a long corridor - flanked by glass-bottom cases, each stuffed with trophies. Throughout the decades, the brand has secured thousands of accolades.... and, with the release of the 2017 F-150, they’re about to earn one more.

According to the New York Daily News, the 2017 F-150 ranks as the 'Year’s Best Truck'. With its military-grade aluminum body and stout frame, this platform proves adept with every mile - yielding up to 12,200-pounds of towing, up to 2,329-pounds of payload capacity, and a best-in-class cargo box volume of 77.4 cu.-ft. This allows drivers to haul even the toughest of loads.

In need of custom power? The 2017 F-150 boasts three distinct engine options - a 2.7L V6 (325 HP), a 3.5L V6 (375 HP), and a 5.0L V8 (385 HP). Each accommodates mid-duty and heavy-duty demands with ease. Pair this with a new 10-speed automatic transmission for crisp responses on every highway.

Ford has forever dominated the pick-up market - and the 2017 F-150 continues a tradition of premium power. We’re not surprised that this truck has blitzed past the competition and snagged the year’s top prize.

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