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2018 ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaWith the announcement of the 2018 F-150 came a series of exclamations - all bemused, amused, and more than a little surprised. The beloved F-Series platform would boast a PowerStroke engine, delivering diesel efficiency and enhanced MPG ratios. Pick-up fans were (understandably) delighted.

For those craving a more traditional powertrain, however, this shift to diesel proved unwelcome. They wanted the familiar rumble of a V8 and they worried that the new F-150 would no longer yield the necessary growl.

Fear not, F-Series devotees! Ford is still offering a variety of non-alternative options to consider - with Total Landscape Care recently revealing three available engines:

The V6: A 3.3L V6 engine will anchor the F-150, serving as the entry-level option and generating an estimated 282 HP and 253 lb.-ft of torque. This will accommodate all light-duty tasks with ease.

The V8: those in need of all-terrain performance will find value in the 5.0L Coyote V8. While no official specs have been released, this powertrain should prove comparable to the 2017 model and offer (at least) 385 HP.

The EcoBoost: to ensure everyday economy, Ford is also providing a 2.7L EcoBoost engine. This will bolster MPG ratings through advanced direct-injection technology.

While the 2018 F-150 may now feature PowerStroke capabilities, no driver will suffer a compromise of traditional F-Series performance. Find the perfect engine for every need!

To learn more about the new F-150 contact us today.

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