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2017 ford f150 raptor for sale saskatchewan albertaIt’s been a series of speculations. With the first announcement of the 2017 F-150 Raptor came an endless stream of numbers - with horsepower, torque, and transmission ratios debated by critics and drivers alike. All North American pick-up devotees had opinions to share, and every day revealed a new performance estimation.

Those estimations can finally become accuracies.

According to Torque News, Ford has finally revealed the precise capabilities of its 2017 F-150 Raptor - and the truth proves far better than any fiction. 

Engine: 3.5L EcoBoost V6
Horsepower: 450 HP at 5,000 RPM
Torque: 510 lb.-ft at 3,500 RPM
Transmission: Class-Exclusive 10-Speed Automatic
Drivetrain: Four-Wheel-Drive (with Torque-on-Demand technology)

These numbers promise exceptional performance, with the 2017 F-150 Raptor delivering best-in-class off-roading. When compared to its predecessor - the 2014 model - it offers an additional 39 HP and 76 lb.-ft of torque, allowing it to easily conquer sand, gravel, and deep-rutted trails. It's been tailored for North America's ever-changing terrains, with its 3.0 FOX suspension system ensuring smooth rides and tight turns.

Adventurers, prepare: the 2017 Raptor will redefine full-throttle fun, offering twin-turbocharged power to the market. It pairs the utility of a pick-up with the heart of a speedster - and the result is pure adrenaline.

To learn more about the 2017 F-150 Raptor contact us today!

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